Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Want More Mel Gibson Psycho Rants?

Because we've got more! 


Anonymous said...

Cant no one say,that this man is not on something, I dont care, no one acts like this, But, this bish, this bish right here is about to be paid. He sounds like a physco!!!.

Anonymous said...

It's evident mel is drinking himself into oblivion. He probably sleeps with his bottle and wakes up to it for breakfast and she knows it. She wants money from him and it's clear. He really screwed up with this chick.

Anonymous said...

No people can act like that when they fk over there lives for low life people. Men are so naive when it comes to woman and woman are so disrespectful when it comes to men and there lives and families. To me they both got what was coming to them and this is what happens when you have no respect for anyone else and there lifestyle but your selfishness. Listen to these takes it sounds like she is playing him but not without damage to her.

Men this is what happens when it pick up the wrong woman.

Anonymous said...

"Men this is what happens when it pick up the wrong woman."

Yes, one that won't cover up your unreasonable behaviour out of misguided loyalty.

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