Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You Would Think She'd Be More Sympathetic

Jennifer Aniston hooked up with one of her friend's newly divorced husband.

She is no stranger to having her own heart broken, but as has uncovered, it appears Jennifer Aniston is now the one causing others heartache.

The star’s hot date with rumored new lover, True Blood actor Chris Gartin, has caused a stir, because the newly divorced father-of-two is the former husband of one of her closest friends.

While Hollywood is again asking if this is finally the one for its most famous Friend, has learned exclusive details about the love triangle behind the shocking hook-up — and how Jen’s new romance comes at the expense of a scorned pal.

Chris’ ex-wife, Joanne Gartin, is an Australian-born wedding planner-to-the-stars, who has long been a part of Jen’s inner circle.

They socialize in the same circle, with Courteney Cox and her husband David Arquette.

It was through that friendship where Chris met Jen, has learned.

“I’m really not at all interested in it,” Joanne said dismissively when asked about the relationship between Jen, 41, and Chris, 42.

But she confirmed, “Jennifer has been my friend — our friend — for over 10 years... we have known each other a long time.”

Chris was unmasked as the latest mystery man in Jen's life after the pair were photographed leaving dinner at Los Angeles’ Sunset Tower Hotel July 1, in the same vehicle.

Jen’s rep has confirmed she and Chris dined together, but is playing down reports of a blossoming romance.

While Joanne is staying mum on whether Jen swooped in on her ex-husband, her step-mother isn’t being so diplomatic.

Speaking from her home in Australia, Robbie Ahlfield has spoken out about the pain it has caused Joanne.

"It's been difficult for Joanne," Robbie Ahlfeld told Australian magazine Woman’s Day.

“It just seems so bizarre to me because Jo and Jen are such good friends. I find it very strange that Jen would do that [to Jo].”

The ink on Chris and Jo’s divorce is barely dry. It was only finalized last month and the pair remain in court attempting to strike an agreement of the financial terms of their separation.

Jen is also even acting as a step-mother to Chris’ two-children, Sydney and Flynn, has learned.

“Jen is in their lives,” said Robbie.

“She comes to their house and Sydney and Flynn go to her house a lot, to play in the pool.

“Jen gets on well with the kids and they play together.”

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Anonymous said...

she;s desparate

Anonymous said...

Jen has PROBLEMS! that's why she's alone and none of her relationships ever work out. Even brad got tired of her shit. She may be america's sweetheart, but only in the movies.

Anonymous said...

Jen don't do it I was hurt like once when my man cheated but I refuse to do it to another person or woman I dealt with the pain alone and with God. After a pain of deep pain the Devil will always temp you to do the same to someone else. Woman remember you own pain and never reflect it one other people because you are still very accountable and I also refuse to create bad karma on my life like that.

Anonymous said...

Jen is looking at Brad and Angelina homewrecking azz but Brad is not happy and everyone can see it. Angie has made Brad into an even weaker man that she will throw away when she is ready and see no treat. She is only keeping Brad so that he will not try to go back to Jen. Jen let Brad and the image of Brad and Angie go and do better for yourself because you are even looking better and healthier then those two. Brad is stupid having all these babies with this conniving bish and she does not even want to marry you because she does not do long relationship while still scheming to take a married man. Everyone just want attention even when it is negative attention. All attention is good attention.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that this woman can have a new man everyday without being called a slut while other women are whores hoes sluts only because they've been linked to a few guys?

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