Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Whoopi Goldberg Defends Mel Gibson

Don't act so surprised. Remember when she defended Ted Danson for doing blackface? [Google it!]

Whoopi Goldberg thinks longtime friend Mel Gibson is not a racist - he's just a "bonehead."

Despite Gibson's profanity-laced, racially charged tirade during a secretely taped phone conversation with ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, Goldberg defended her friend on Monday's episode of "The View."

"I know Mel, and I know he's not a racist," she said. "I have had a long friendship with Mel. You can say he's being a bonehead, but I can't sit and say that he's a racist having spent time with him in my house with my kids."

Goldberg was quick to add, however, that she does not condone her pal's actions.

"I don't like what he's done," she said. "Make no mistake."

When co-host Joy Behar asked Goldberg if she thinks Gibson is anti-semitic, she replied, "I think he's an a--hole," quickly covering her mouth before the full word escaped her lips.

Goldberg also added that alcohol was to blame for Gibson's actions during his 2006 DUI arrest in which the actor made anti-semitic remarks to a police officer.

"Drunks say stupid stuff to people all the time ... because they're drunk, they're out of control, they're not thinking, they're idiotic," Goldberg said.

However, the talk show host doesn't think alcohol was responsible for Gibson's rant that was released Friday on RadarOnline.com.

In the audio recording, Gibson is heard exploding at his ex, who is also the mother of his 8-month-old daughter, Lucia.

"You look like a f---ing pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n----rs, it will be your fault," said Gibson, who also repeatedly referred to Grigorieva as a "whore," a "c--t" and a "b---h" in the tapes.

After a string of vile epithets, Gibson tells Grigorieva, "I don't trust you. I don't love you. I don't want you ... And I will take care of my child but I don't want you anymore."

"This rant?" Goldberg said. "I don't think he's drunk on this rant."

More of Gibson's hurtful words can be heard in another taped recording that was released Monday on Radar. The actor not only admits to hitting Grigorieva, he also threatens her life – twice.

"I'll put you in a f---ing rose garden you c--t! You understand that? Because I'm capable of it. You understand that?" he rantsed.

Gibson, 54, and Grigorieva, 40, filed dueling restraining orders against each other last month, and police are now investigating the dispute.

Jacked from NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

Whoopi, go put something on your black a$$ lips! How do you know he didn't mean it?! A drug, high, whatever person speaks a sober mind. Gibson said awful things regardless, and there is no way that anyone could justify that...

Anonymous said...

Whoopie annoys me. That's all.

Anonymous said...

Whoopie's always ready to the defend the white man, Guess what whoopie they dont want ur ass, that's all the want is ur ass, get a grip, so what he's been to your house, played with your kids, that dont make the type of person he is. your such a kiss ass, hungry for attention from the white man,that your purple. shutit up Whoopie.

Anonymous said...

She's a professional on defending yt. She knows which side her (white) bread is buttered on. She also defended Roman Polanski so you know she has much experience and can get down on her knees to suck it real good.

Anonymous said...

All I ask is why? Whoopie has her right to her opinion.I just dont understand ,there are so many other causes she could have spoke out for! We know she works hard for the man! Where has it got her cause she sure doesnt have Harpo's money!!! At least her work in the hot ass kitchen has paid off!!! Whoopie please one day sell us out for something worth it !!!!

Anonymous said...

Never could stand that monkey-faced whore. Remember when Whoopi had Ted Danson in blackface for a celebrity roast many years ago?




if i had any respect 4 her,i OFFICIALLY LOST IT!!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Let's not forget this yt lover defended Bill O'Reilly, saying he was her friend to after he said he was surprised that black ppl weren't shooting up Sylvia's rest., some to that effect.

Anonymous said...

Whoopi ain't been black since she hit the entertainment field. Knowing how much White Jews love her, why she would come to defense of a racially tinged person like Mel is just wrong. Notice Danny Glover supposedly one of Mel's BF's has not come to his defense?...Why in the hell would Whoopi open her mouth, knowing that Jews (and Gays) run Hollywood.

It was a matter of time before Mel fell completely off. Believe me most of the Hollywood Studio execs (who are Jewish) are sitting back laughing their asses off....notice he has not made a movie since Accapalypto. I love that movie. Since the Passion of the Christ and his anti-semitic rants, he had been basically shut down in Hollywood and his drinking and depression got worse.

"The Roosters have come home to roost"--Malcom x--ThatBKChick

Anonymous said...

Whoopi loves her white men..........that is all!

GailS said...

She's a fool. Whoopi thinks Mel is not a racist just because he hasn't called HER a nigger...to her face, that is.

@ 5:41 pm .... Yes, I remember the black-face stunt she and Danson pulled. I don't think there's a bigger Tom in hollywood--at least no one I can think of right now.

DOSbrand said...

Remember people, the end of this world is near.

Are you ready to meet the Lord?

Are you ready for ETERNITY? That is, eternity in Heaven or eternity in hell?

Hell is no place you want to be. I don't even wish that the elite find themselves there, but that is where folks will be if they continue to worship satan and his images be it knowingly or unknowingly, and they do not turn to Christ, and follow the word of God as it is written in both the Old and New Testament.

"But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death." REVELATION 21:8

"And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear Him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell." MATTHEW 10:28

You have to treat everyday as if it was your last.

Whatever the word of God says to do, DO IT. God is not mocked.

Hell is real and not the place you want to be.

I know yall want to be entertained, but entertainment is an extreme distraction to keep you from carrying your cross.

"Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him DENY HIMSELF, and take up his cross, and follow me." MATTHEW 16:24

I know some of these celebs read the blogs, so it is our duty to warn them of the danger of their actions.

Whatever satan promised to these celebs is a lie, and they are in for a real rude awakening if they don't turn to Christ.


"He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it." - MATTHEW 10:39

Anonymous said...

Bible verses lol. I'm like this! Fuck religion! It divides people! Guess what people?! We are already in hell dumbasses! Look around you! Everything is bred by hate, greed, torture, murder, etc. We are one with the infinite universe! Everybody plays the role of "god" do we not?! We are made in his image right?! Do I need to go on?!

DOSbrand said...

^^^^What divides people is the on going war between Good and evil.
You either gonna fight to be on the Good side, or you gonna slack to be on the evil side.

Hell is a place of extreme torment by fire, demons, worms, and whatever else. This is not a joke.

What's happening on earth is no where near what's happening in hell right now! Believe that.

Nobody can play the role of God because He is the ONLY GOD. THE ALMIGHTY GOD CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. satan tried to be God and got kicked out of heaven.

And because of this, satan hates God and you with an extreme evil passion. The only way to defeat satan is in the name of JESUS, and the only way into heaven is in JESUS NAME.

Don't listen to all these fake philosophies like the 5 percenters, mormon, and scientology. THEY ARE ALL DECEIVED.

Anonymous said...

Whoopi is an idiot. This moron (mel) said something like he hopes she would get raped by a "pack of n!$$ers". A pack of 'em. They come in packs!? And this cretin is defending him? What the hell is wrong with her crusty looking arse? What a fool!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a sick man who has been unraveling for the last five years at least; Whoopi is being a true friend as she is standing up for him when it is not the popular position to take. The man needs professional help period. Hopefully someone will advocate for Mel to seek help.

Anonymous said...

I guess Whoopi is showing what a true friend she is for standing up for Roman Polanski too, huh? Maybe Roman just "needs help". There is no excuse for this guy's behavior plain and simple. What is in him just came out...the true Mel is showing. When Prejeen (the beauty contestant) spoke (sort of) against gay marriage, the world was on fire. There was objection everywhere and dang near from everyone. Meanwhile, Mel gets an...."awww it will be ok"? Pulease!

Anonymous said...

Prejeen was an out and out hypocrit; she was sending nude photos to her then boyfriend via her cell phone,when it was discovered she lied and said it was only one photo it was then discovered that there is several nudie photos. For you to place her and Mel in the same category is an insult. Mel needs to be tested also for diabetes, has anyone witnessed someone and the uncharacteristic behavior when their blood sugar dips?

Anonymous said...

^^Comparing them is an insult. One is a raving lunatic and the other was an embarrassed beauty contestant. Mel is a hypocrite as well. He came across as someone who was not a racist when clearly he is. The guy from Seinfeld hasn't been seen or heard from since his rant (not that I know of). So, again why should Mel get a pass. He is insulting to women and all 'minorities'. First, it was possible bipolar or other mental issues. Now, it could be his blood sugar? Have a family member who is type II and never seen or heard him speak of anyone negatively or go off on crazy rants because he was "off". There is no excusing this ol guy's behavior.

Anonymous said...

Whoopi you buck-dancing, handercheif-head,mammy-made uncle tom! why dont you stfu!!

Btch, he disrepects ALL blackmen by hoping his wife gets raped by them-like we some defective gene--and you run to HIS defense!! and using the 'N' word, too?

U stupid trick, go find a you field of cotton!! YOu're hopeless!!

Anonymous said...

There was time when i liked whoopie...BUT she needs to stfu and mind her own business.

Anonymous said...

I thought Whoopi a bit wiser than this. SMH I cannot believe she is defending him. I guess she has Rush Limbaugh at her home from time to time too. Ann Coulter, Bill O, Shammity etc. are all friends of Whoopi. Not only does she look foolish apparently she is.....sad!

Anonymous said...

Most rappers and alot of the black population disrespect black men by calling each other niggas and calling women bitches and hoes. People clean up your own back yard first before worrying about Whoopi. Please learn to disagree without hurling insults.

Anonymous said...

^^It comes down to the fact that I can talk about my mother, YOU CAN'T. What is done by rappers and "a lot in the black population" is disrespectful, but it is a "black thang" you would not and never will understand. Most say niggas, as saying 'my homie'. It is not to disrespect anyone. It is just a way of life. Hearing "niggers" from the likes of Gibson or anyone else is racist. I totally disagree about the hoes and bitches part. That is something that should be denouced. There is nothing good about calling a woman out of her name. Period.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:33

STFU!! This btch is a WALKING insult to ALL blackmen. Since when did she stick up for us!!??

She's a not even a RUNAWAY slave!

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as a black thing if you put it in the air for all to hear!!! This is so stupid. Are you so helpless that you need someone to stick-up for you? Whoopi is not an insult to me and I am a black woman; newsflash we have some black people who think for themselves. Learn to disagree with some decorum; you do not have to agree with what I say but common mutual respect should apply.

Anonymous said...

Even if it is for all to hear, it is still a cultural (Black) thing "we" (Most certainly not all) do. Just because it is not a secret doesn't make it no less a black thang. Is it right? In my opinion, no. But it is what it is.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:53

STFU!! u clueless, spineless, mind slave. What will it take for u to get mad at yt?

If they came to your door with a cotton sack you'd try to wear it!!

Mel wanted his wife to be raped by a PACK of N I G G E R S, k?

Pack=animals i.e. dogs

niggers=black folk, k?

how can it NOT be a black thang?

K, Oprah?!!

Anonymous said...

NO, it is not right and we need to stop accepting it period(this is partly why our young people are so screwed up in the head)there is no respect for anything or anybody. You can tout about this black thing all you want I still say it is stupid and I am not getting mad because it gives people power over you. I wonder if Malcolm and Martin would like us referring to each other as niggas, hoes and bitches etc. As far as you referring to me as Oprah... all I can say is thank-you however I wish I had her money. Please read a book people for goodness sake.

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