Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Amy Winehouse Public Drunkeness

They tried to make her go to rehab and she said, "Hell no." Amy Winehouse a drunken mess outside her new boyfriend's parent's pub.

SMASHED AMY WINEHOUSE lies flaked out on a pub table at 9.30am yesterday after falling off the wagon following a row with her new boyfriend. The Back to Black singer, who has famously battled drink and drugs, was snapped outside the boozer owned by her film producer fella REG TRAVISS's parents.

When she woke up, she was nearly run over as she stumbled across a street on the way to her nearby home, where she sat talking into her phone. Amy, 26, took a taxi to Inn 1888 in London's Marylebone after a session with pals that began at 5pm Monday.
During the 16-hour marathon she had visited two other pubs and two restaurants - at one point kissing model MISCHA BARTON and at another strolling with comic RUSSELL BRAND's dad Ron.

She broke off only briefly at 10pm before resuming her tour of Camden, the West End and Chinatown. A source said: "I was told Amy ordered champagne and the group tucked into it before starting on pink cocktails. They were having a great time." Amy, by now sporting a new outfit, finally left Chinatown at 9.15am and headed for the Inn, where she first met Reg, 33.

There, cabbie Michael Prenpeh asked for his fare, but Amy wandered off and fell asleep at the table. Michael said: "She was totally gone. She'd no idea what she was doing. "She said her boyfriend had no respect for her and was blubbing away - I gave her a tissue." An onlooker said: "A car nearly hit her as she walked in the road. It had to brake really hard."

Jacked from The Sun 


Anonymous said...

There's no help for this broad, she's a career addict and doesn't wanna be helped. Fame just made it worse, because it gave her an abundance of money to throw away. No man could put up with that, unless he's into the same shit.

Anonymous said...

THis is sad, and its sad that someone would take photo's of her like this.

Anonymous said...

Eww, what a hot ass mess. Who took this picture, lol?!

tiffany said...

its very sad because she is soo talented.

Anonymous said...

she is like, Fuck it! I gotta take a nap!

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