Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ne-Yo Scraps Movie Plans

Didn't realize they cost so much money to make.

R&B star NE-YO was forced to scrap plans to make a movie after he realised how much a big screen venture would cost.

The singer wrote a short story which he wanted to bring alive in film form to coincide with the release of his latest album, Libra Scale, in September (10).

But not long after he started putting the production together, Ne-Yo had to axe the project over fears the cost could spiral out of control.

Speaking on U.K. TV show Loose Women, he explains, "(I had) an elaborate idea. I wrote a short story, I guess you could call it a script. My initial idea was to make a 45 minute mini-movie and my album would be the soundtrack to that film. But I found out the hard way that movies cost a whole lot of money and take a whole lot of time."
Ne-Yo subsequently scaled down his grand plan and used his concept to film the video for the album's first single, Beautiful Monster.

He adds, "We decided to tell the story through the video (instead)."

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Anonymous said...

He goes out of his way to be pictured with females...any damn female. Is he trying to convince the public or himself of his sexuality? He need to come out the closet already.

Anonymous said...

Smart move Go Go, cuz you'll need to strut that ass when that child that's yours (let you tell it) gets here and you'll have to pay child/baby mama support to your beard.

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