Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Planning to Separate

Not hard to believe since these two haven't been seen together in ages.
The distance between Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband Chris Martin, has already been growing for months. And now, an insider on the U.K. music scene says they have split permanently by moving into separate, but adjoining, homes in London. Adding that they’ve been “fighting constantly.”

“It’s fairly well known that they hardly spend any time together,”. “If you see him out, you rarely see her. He looks like a single guy out enjoying himself.”

Although they’ve been married for six years, “they have little left in common” except for the kids, Apple and Moses, reveals a friend of Gwyneth’s. There recently have been rumors of Chris cheating - which he has denied - and in October 2009 he was spotted by industry insiders tongue kissing Kate Bosworth at a U2 concert. Rumor has it the two have been secretly dating for months.
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Anonymous said...

This is probably why Madonna was pissed off when Gwyneth tried to hand out marriage advice with Madonna split with Guy Richie.

Anonymous said...

No surprise. They've been having problems for quite some time, although paltrow publicly denied it and said they were oh so happy. I don't think anybody can deal with her 'organic' ass for very long. Everything has to be specific in her life and to her liking 24/7....especially her diet. The 2 of them just seemed odd from the get go. Brad Pitt was glad to be rid of her.

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