Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jesse James' Ex-Wife Moving to Texas Trailer Park

Jesse James ex-wife is moving into a trailer to be close to her daughter.
Jesse James’ ex -wife Janine Lindemulder is going to live in a trailer to maintain her relationship with their daughter Sunny, has exclusively learned.

James is moving his family to Texas in a bid to be near to ex-wife Sandra Bullock who owns property in the Austin area. “I will live in a modest trailer park, and I’ve already told Sunny that she will go from the mansion to the trailer but I’ll do whatever it takes to be close to my daughter,” Janine told

While Sunny will be living in more luxurious accommodations with her dad and step-siblings, Lindemulder will stay in much more humble surroundings.

“Everything is good. I’m going to move down to Texas after my probation officially ends on September 7,” she added.

“By that time Sunny will already be in school as they are planning to go down to Texas in the coming weeks. It will be good for her to see both sides of life and I have promised her a puppy so she seems to be happy enough.” recently reported that millionaire James had recently refused to pay for $150 therapy sessions with his ex-wife and daughter, but his attitude seems to have softened. He is now paying for therapy sessions between Lindemulder and her daughter who spent a long time apart after she was jailed for tax evasion.

James has also agreed to increase his $2000 per monthly child support payments to $3000 per month, as Lindemulder continues to try and re-build her life after leaving prison.

“I don’t want people to think I am some kind of free-loader because I am not. When I get to Texas I will be looking for a part time job as a waitress if somebody will have me with all my tattoos!” she said. “Seriously, I am a good mom and I want to set a good example for my daughter so I will also be enrolling in college.

“It will be a big change moving down to Texas but I need to be close to my daughter - whatever happens in the future Sunny will be fine. She has two parents that love her, brothers and sisters, plus a stepmom too. Jesse has been paying for therapy sessions between Sunny and I which have really been helping us both.”

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Anonymous said...

ok, so she gets 3,000 a month in texas and she can't find a decent apartment and find a "Full-time" job. She is full of shit if this is true. i get 1,500 a month from my ex husband for our daughter and I am not living off of that money. i work full time and handle my own needs.

Anonymous said...

Can I get your ex husbands#?

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