Friday, August 20, 2010

Kat and Jesse

Kat talks to KROQ-FM about Jesse James.

Kat Von D is not afraid to date Jesse James. So he cheated on Sandra Bullock a few times. So he cheated on his other wife a few times. Meh… no bigger.

Here’s what Kat had to say about it.

“I am a believer that we’re all human and we’re all capable of making mistakes,” she said on the Kevin & Bean radio show on L.A.’s KROQ-FM Thursday. “I think if I were to be crucified for my drug addiction three years ago now, it would be hard to live with that. I’m sober now, and it’s awesome. But I have made mistakes, too.”

She added, “I’ve got a lot of respect for Jesse and how he handled it.”

Von D, 28, star of TLC’s LA Ink, said she’s known James, 41, since she was 22. “We’ve always been friends,” she said. “He had his show on Discovery; that’s how we met. I was looking for some advice when I first started on Miami Ink.”

“Just because I have tattoos doesn’t mean, ‘Oh, you guys are a perfect match,’” she said. “I think that I’m his type on a different level than people would assume.”

So one minute she says they’re dating, then she says they aren’t. Now it sounds like they are, so which is it?

As for him being a cheater, hopefully he has changed, I have seen it happen. But with Jesse James, I have my doubts. Good luck with this one Kat!

What do you think? Will Jesse change his cheating heart for Kat?

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Anonymous said...

He dates the weirded looking woman Sandra was the most normal looking so far.

Anonymous said...

kat is a hot ass mess!! she's manipulative, goes from man 2 man, has serious emotional problems to name a few. her ex-bf orbi [roy orbison's son], called her a psychopath and wrote a pain filled message about her on on his myspace page. No relationship will last with thing. She's bat shit crazy.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think this is a good match. Sandra was too prissy, and he probably had to make an appointment to get laid.

Anonymous said...

i love kat von d and she is exactly the type jesse james go for! him dating sandra bullock was so unusal for a biker like him! i think him and kat make a cute couple!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

now sandra sees she was not the better woman.. her hubby likes skanks... i bet sandra swore she had him in the bag.. i bet she is now tottaly humiliated by this.. but who's to say she's not a skank herself???

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