Thursday, November 18, 2010

Natalie Holloway Remains Found?

Searchers have located a jawbone that may belong to missing teen Natalie Holloway.
A prosecutor in Aruba said that the bone found yesterday belongs to that of a young woman, DNA testing is underway to determine if it belonged to missing teen NATALEE HOLLOWAY.

"I'm happy that it's human," Aruban prosecutor Peter Blanken told CNN.

"And the initial finding is that it's from a young woman, so maybe we will be able to solve this case. I hope so. But we will wait to see what the findings are."

A forensics expert made the initial determination but the final DNA analysis and determination would be made by the Netherlands Forensic Institute in the Hague.

The bone was found November 12th on a beach in Aruba.

They promptly turned the bone in to the front desk of the Phoenix Hotel and then they alerted police of the find.

ABC News reported that photos of the bone, which is believed to be a human lower jawbone, show a mandible with an intact molar.

Experts will extract DNA from where the tooth meets the bone and compare it to DNA extracted from Holloway's biological parents.

Joran van der Sloot, long considered the prime suspect in the Holloway disappearance remains jailed in Peru's Castro Castro prison for the murder of Stephany Flores, 21.

Jacked from The National Enquirer


Anonymous said...

I hope it Natalie Holloway's remains so the family can put this sad chapter in there life to rest...Joran is locked up in the worst prison in the world.....He needs to be killed

My prays and best wishes to the Holloway family.

Anonymous said...

If I were Natalie's parents I would have been put a hit out for Yuron and his father - not a death contract - a bring them to me alive contract - and I'd torture the both of them bastards till they finally fessed up - THEN I'd burn them alive... signed Shiloh "John" Jolie-Pitt

Anonymous said...


Dead@ Shiloh "John" Jolie-Pitt

Anonymous said...

lol @1:54!

Anonymous said...

This is still very sad...hopefully it belongs to her so all can now completely rest peacefully. What are the odds you'd be with 2 girls that were later found murdered?. Eithr his greed or "hunger" became too strong and he did it again which resulted in his arrest. He needs to abswer to a higher power asap.

Anonymous said...

He is a sick twisted kill another person and then walk around as if nothing has happened is a sign of dysfunction. That is why his mom has disowned him...she probably knew in her heart that he commited these crimes, but the father kept stepping in to save him. Now that he is dead....his mother wants nothing to do with him, because she knows he is without a conscious. I hope the Holloway family receives the closure that is due to them, may they finally get some peace!

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