Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tony Parker Forgot to Log Off

The only reason Eva Longoria caught Tony Parker having an affair was because Tony forgot to log off his computer and Eva read all his sexy texts to his ex-teammates' wife.
Eva Longoria's marriage to basketball star Tony Parker ended when he forgot to click the "log off" button.

Parker reportedly kept a secret file on his computer that contained information about Erin Barry, his alleged paramour who is married to one of his former teammates on the San Antonio Spurs.

The "Desperate Housewives" star found the stash of damaging data one day after Parker forgot to close the program on the family's computer, according to Radar
This is how she discovered the cheating -- and she was furious.

"It was a double shot for her, because not only did she find all the information, but Eva also realized im mediately that Tony had taken steps to hide it from her," an insider told the celebrity-news site.

"The fact that Tony had been hiding Erin's information and their correspondence made Eva feel like he had been lying to her for months, and, basically, he had been."

The computer file -- which normally only Parker could access -- contained Barry's phone number, which led Longoria to uncover the sexy text messages he had allegedly been sending her.

The couple was already headed for divorce, but the discovery ended any chance they had of saving the marriage, Radar reported.

"They have a long-distance marriage, and that alone is not easy," the source told the site. "There was already a lot of stress between them. But then when Eva discovered Tony had taken elaborate measures to lie to her, she knew it was over."

Barry, who no longer has a relationship with Parker, is splitting from her own husband, Brent Barry.

Meanwhile, Longoria returned to the set of "Desperate Housewives" yesterday for the first time since news of her divorce broke.

She reportedly found comfort with her co-stars.
Jacked from New York Post


JeminiBish said...

Tony Parker Realized that Eva LongGonnorhea Had that "Halle Berry" syndrome which is She is a "10" in the streets but in the sheets she hardly a "1" Tony Parker was sexually frustrated so he had to do what any man in his situation would have done! Eva Has No One To Blame But Herself

Anonymous said...

wow ! I never thought I'd ever hear that come out a woman's mouth, especially a black woman's mouth. I've just never heard any woman admit that another woman was the reason a relationship ended. I know longoria's a duck w/o makeup and she seems like she probably a stuck-up bitch, but dang, I'd expect blk women to talking greasy about dude anyway. Oh well, I know Eva's gonna get him if the sistas don't. She out for blood like she really need money.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's karma for her, wasn't she dating some guy and cheated on him and left him for another man? It catches up to you eventually....Tony you're next....These celebs are way too free when it comes to sex. Everybody slept with everyone!

Anonymous said...

@jemini, even it what you say is true (which none of us is in their bedroom, so no one really knows), that is not how a man handles a situation with his WIFE. she's not his girlfriend or a baby mama. he stood before God & promised to forsake all others for her. no man "has to" cheat.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why celebrity women live in this fantasy world where they believe men will not cheat...Come on something in life should be expected but like most women they can't handle the fire...He cheated so what Eva probably got some good dick with no strings attached and Tony had his own but its Eva who had to put Tony on blast...Weak ass shit as usual from some women.

Anonymous said...

"There was already a lot of stress between them. But then when Eva discovered Tony had taken elaborate measures to lie to her, she knew it was over."

..that sounds so dumb. like who has an affair and doesn't go to great measures to hide it. offcourse he's gonna lie and hide evidence! duh!

Anonymous said...

She emasculated this man from the damn beginning. Publicly stating she taught him everything he knows about sex and shit. I was embarrassed for him, myself. I'm not surprised this marriage is over. He got tired of her diva shit and that crap about him not logging off his pc makes no sense. Evidently he didn't give a rats ass anymore. Eva is on some me me me, I I I crap. It's all about her. Some people are their own worst enemy. Best they both move on to what makes them happy.

Anonymous said...

Eva's old ass figured by marrying Tony who was barely 21yr. was all about CONTROL. After 2 failed relationships and 1 failed marriage prior to Tony Parker, this Ho' was thirsty. And yes, she does have that Halle Berry syndrome.

Anonymous said...

What is she clueless - a woman always senses shit when her man ain't flying right - she probably chose to not listen to her spidey senses - and for GP I'd have to beat the bitch ass who been smiling in my face but secretly tasting my pussy juice off my husband dick... ho ass bitch....

Anonymous said...

Eva thought that she could control Tony and that he was some dumb Frenchman. Well, well, well, Tony showed her asss. This dumb bitch just learned who is in control.

Also, Tony and his ex-teammate have the same attorney. What??? Rumor is that both men set this up because both wanted out of their marriage. How you like Tony now Eva!

Anonymous said...

long distance marriages only work if the relationship is open or you can cover up your lies.

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