Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wesley Snipes Ordered to Jail

Wesley Snipes' appeal has been denied, his bail has been revoked and he's been remanded into custody.
Actor Wesley Snipes has been taken into custody by federal authorities to begin serving a three-year prison term.

Recently, defense attorneys for the actor tried to seek a new trial after they received e-mails from two jurors in the case who allegedly said they determined Snipes was guilty before the trial began. E-mails from the jurors said that they agreed to convict the star of "Blade" and "White Men Can't Jump" because they did not envision that he would actually go to jail.

One of the e-mails sent to Snipes' defense team from an anonymous juror on July 16, 2010 noted, "Certain jurors that had already presumed he was guilty before the trail [sic] started and we only found this out in the last few days of deliberation. We thought we were making the right deal because we did not think he would go to jail for not filing taxes."

Attorneys also called for a new trial due to the testimony of Kenneth Starr, a celebrity financial adviser who admitted to cheating clients out of millions.

According to The Associated Press, Snipes' attorneys want to know if the Internal Revenue Service agents working on Snipes' case knew about Starr's investigation.

Snipes was convicted by a jury on Feb. 1, 2008 and later was sentenced to three years in prison for failing to pay taxes on $38 million of income. The actor was allowed to remain free on bond pending appeal. In his order denying the request for a new trial, U.S. District Court Judge William Terrell Hodges said that rules of evidence and procedure, "prohibits a juror from testifying (or offering an affidavit) about any matter that occurred during deliberations except for extraneous prejudicial information, outside influence, or a mistake in entering the verdict onto the verdict form."

In his order Judge Hodges noted, "The Defendant Snipes had a fair trial; he has had a full, fair, and thorough review of his conviction and sentence by the Court of Appeals; and he has had a full, fair, and thorough review of his present claims, during all of which he has remained at liberty. The time has come for the judgment to be enforced."
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JeminiBish said...

Wesley Snipes Must Have Fought Against The System Smh I loved his movie Liberty Stands Still. Maybe The #illuminati didnt like it. Sadly he wore a dress and full make up in a movie too "To Wong Foo" Now He Has To Go To Prison For 3 years! Sad Shame! People Really Need To Wake Up! And Wow Not too long after DMX told Jay Z F*ck You He Is locked up again! Hmmmmm

Anonymous said...

aint nobody gon be there to yell CUT!!!

Anonymous said...

That's what his black ass gets for deliberately not paying his taxes. We don 't like it, but we all gotta pay em--what makes him so special? He shouldn't have listened to that crazy group that was against the IRS. The IRS always wins nicca. Now you gotta do time behind bars b/c you thought you were smarter than the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if Wong Dong Chong will be there for his loser azz and ride it out like a soldier... doubt it, bet she's already moved on to the next self hating knee-grow.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

People who fuck with the IRS are dumb - keep in mind no other agency could touch Al Capone till he fucked with the IRS... tax evasion - go directly to jail - couldn't get him for one murder but bitches got him for taxes - pay your taxes people them motherfuckers will go after God.

Anonymous said...

I think that he's getting exactly what he deserved he didn't pay no taxes, so off to jail you go, the irs and I can't believe that I am defending them but they gave him time enough to come up with a payment plan, and because he was like the other poster said above a self hating knee-grow, with his asian, I wonder will she be down to visit this her ninja, the white/asian, derogatory word for black people, I don't see it, she gonna get her fried rice and go on to the next dumb ugly ninja that comes her way, I don't feel sorry for him at all good for him.

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