Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chris Rock to Serve Mariska Hargitay Breakfast in Bed Nude

Chris Rock will serve Law and  Order star Mariska Hargitay breakfast in bed butt naked after she bid $25,000.00 for the privilege at a charity auction.
CHRIS ROCK is set to strip off to bring MARISKA HARGITAY breakfast in bed - the actress bid $25,000 (£16,600) at a charity auction to have the comic serve her in the nude.

The Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star was among the guests attending the Children's Defense Fund benefit in New York City on Monday night (06Dec10).

Rock helped raise money by offering to serve a winning bidder breakfast, and when auctioneer Ali Wentworth failed to secure a huge donation for the prize, the clever saleswoman upped the odds by insisting he carry out the task naked.

According to the New York Daily News, she told the crowd, "Okay, if you donate $25,000, Chris Rock will bring you breakfast in bed. Chris Rock will deliver breakfast in bed naked if you donate $25,000."

The risque offer received the backing of Rock's wife and board member Malaak Compton-Rock, who shouted out, "He'll do it!"

The lot was finally sold to Hargitay, with Wentworth warning the absent funnyman, "Chris, get ready to get naked for Mariska Hargitay!"
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Anonymous said...

Cooning never ends even if its for a so-called good cause. Slave!

Anonymous said...

A bunch a Freaks. Everybody has their price I guess.

Anonymous said...

HEY! I like Chris rock. I just wouldn't want him to serve me breakfast in bed,especially naked. That would be gay, as I am a dude. That is all.

Anonymous said...

Chris why don't you just go and marry yourself the white woman you really want?

We all know you cheated on your wife with a white woman and probably more than once.

Kim Kartrashian is available and would love to sex/date/marry you...for money and fame of course.

I just find it insulting when black men get with black women for the sole purpose of "keeping it real" all the while coveting white flesh.

Chris you are NOT doing anybody a favor by being with a black woman.Please exit stage left to the white ladies section.It'll be easy to find just follow Kanye's loud arrogant ass voice.Tell Pollow 50 cent and Slim Thug I said wassup.Thanks:)

Anonymous said...

@3:05 PM - And if he bumps into Halle Berry, Kerry Washington, Diana Ross, Aisha Tyler and Janet Jackson, can he holla at them for you, too?

Anonymous said...

I don't like phonies.That was the point of the post.Not that he likes white women but the fact that he married a black woman and desires white women.

He thinks he's doing the black community a favor but he's not!.He's a phonie and his actions are insulting.

None of those women you mentioned are married to black men all the while fucking and coveting white men on the low dumbass!

Anonymous said...

And how would he bump into those women in the white ladies section?

Wouldn't he have to go to the white mens section to find the women you mentioned?

Anonymous said...

Aw damn, y'all (particularly 3:05p)

His current wife was w/him after Living Color got canceled and before the HBO specials/co-star roles in big budget movies.

He did marry her before they started having kids.

They did separate for a time but worked it out.

Whether there is a kid out of wedlock or not, he didn't leave his family for some trick.

His wife actually has her own career in the non-profit industry.

They got problems like everybody else, if it was like that Chris & Malaak[sp] wouldn't have had kids.

But that nigga need to keep his clothes on - even when he's making babies.

Anonymous said...

@6:37 PM - What Black women were 50 Cent, Polow da Don and Slim Thug married to?

Anonymous said...

And Kanye West, for that matter.

Every woman I mentioned is no different than the men you did. Except for Halle, who actually was married to a couple Black men before she got down with the swirl. I'll add Naomi Campbell and Iman to that list, as well.

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