Monday, December 13, 2010

Eddie Cibrian's Ex-Wife Thinks LeAnn Rimes is Tacky

Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife Brandi Glanville says LeAnn Rhimes has a lot of nerve releasing a song about cheating right now.
Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife Brandi Glanville has slammed his girlfriend LeAnn Rimes for releasing a song about cheating partners, insisting the words are "in poor taste."

The country singer has been dating former "CSI: Miami" star Cibrian since last year, when they came clean about their affair and split from their respective spouses.

Earlier this week, Rimes released the single "Crazy Women," prompting speculation she is singing about Glanville in the track.

She sings, "Crazy women are made by crazy men/ He cheats and lies, then plays the victim/ He don't know why they always pick them/ Crazy women, ex-wives and old girlfriends/ Keep their crazy hidden/ Till they're pushed off the deep end."
Glanville has been left unimpressed with the subject matter of the single, telling E! News, "When your cheating is the cause of a 'crazy woman's' behavior, it's in poor taste to sing about it."

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Anonymous said...

LeAnne Rimes is a home wrecking whore!!! Why is it that people gave fantasia hell and called her and Alicia Keys sluts and whores, but LeAnne Rimes and Angelina Jolie on the other hand are still looked at like Americas sweet heart. And another thing that gets on my nerves is all the men who are involved always get away Scott free. They are home wreckers too, but they are home wreckers of the worst kind because they willingly wrecked their own homes just for some side pussy!

Anonymous said...

LeAnne Rimes is "TRASH" and her man is "TRASH" too. I put the blame on both of them, if he respected and loved LeAnne so much, why not get a divorce first and then move on. LeAnne should have been women enough to demand better than to become this man's side hoe.

Anonymous said...

Seriously LeAnn? HO SIT DOWN!!!

Anonymous said...

Her and eddie are just lusting after each others stinky behinds. When all that wears off, he'll either want his wife back OR he'll cheat with somebody else. LeeAnn is so stupid! Both their spouses were devastated. Happiness does not come out of hurting so many people.

Anonymous said...

Bitch is ugly and will get everything that coming to her - the ex wife shoudln't even acknowledge that bullshit - the bitch did it JUST to get under her skin - a ho always looking to justify her bullshit - both her and him deserve each other... I hope they get stuck fucking like two dogs in heat.

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