Thursday, December 16, 2010

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker's Secert Date

Eva and Tony slipped out for a quiet lunch date. 

Eva Longoria flew a few thousand miles to be with Tony Parker yesterday, dining on good ol' Texas BBQ.

The picture shows Eva -- dressed in black and wearing a black hat -- at Rudy's Country Store and Bar-B-Q, just north of San Antonio. Tony is behind the pillar.

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ Eva flew to Texas to spend time with Tony. We're told it was all very friendly. The restaurant -- actually it's a gas station with a BBQ pit out back -- is a couple of miles from the huge house that Tony and Eva recently built.

The divorce is still on, but one source connected with the couple says not to rule out the chance for a reconciliation.
Jacked from TMZ

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Anonymous said...

I live in San antonio and there have been rumors about Tony dipping out in eva since they irst started dating. I mean, I even know a woman who *may* have slept with him about two years ago. He is a professional athlete on the road most of the year and she is a hollywood tv star. They spend so much time apart it's just not healthy for a solid marriage.

However, I hope they can work it out. In my experience the most successful NBA wives are the ones who really devote themselves to their husband's career. It sounds awful but you CANNOT have a career of your own and a husband who is very successful and sought after and I think it's just going to "work". This is why women with careers have much higher divorce rates than other women. It's like we really cannot win as women - we cannot have it all.

Anyway, I think the best thing for Eva to do (if she wants to save her marriage) is to leave Hollywood altogether or at least until Tony's season is up. She needs to travel with him so they can spend any free time he has together. She needs to get back in with his teammates (they can really affect whether your man stays or stray, no joke!) and put her career on tv and movies on pause. IF she really cares about saving her marriage she should do this.

And before anyone says that Tony should give up something you must live in a dream world. That man is living his dream and is a very talented athelte. The only thing a man should have to give up for a woman is other pussy. Everything else should really be heavily considered. A man who is not living his passion is a defeated man.

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