Thursday, December 16, 2010

One of Nicole Richie's Wedding Gowns

Nicole Richie wore three wedding gowns on her special day.
The other two gowns have yet to surface, but I’ll admit that I’m digging Nicole Richie‘s froufrou Marchesa ball gown. First off, the top is lace with long sleeves–my dress is, too!–and although I typically vomit at the site of tulle, I think its light and fluffy and gorgeous.

Sure, it’s not what I’d pick, but it’s unique. And that’s what’s missing in the bridal market these days. Kudos to Nicole for choosing such a lovely look, and congrats to the happy couple!
Jacked from The Fashionista


Anonymous said...

this is actually the first time i've ever said... "i am feeling that dress" she looks beautiful. and i am no fan at all lol

Anonymous said...

Congrat's for making it official but, Y 3 dresses? when there are people starving in this cold, cold worl. I bet my lunch $$$$ 1 of those dressess can feed a village for a year.

In my humble.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

is that 1 for each out of wedlock kid they had?

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