Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mariah Carey's Dog Manhandled by Employee

Mariah Carey is not going to like this. One of  Mariah's employees was caught on film dragging MiMi's dog around by the neck.
Mariah Carey’s dog is so pampered that it arrived in its own limo for the singer’s Home Shopping Network appearance this week. But things took an ugly turn later in the day when one of Mariah’s employees took the Jack Russell Terrier outside.

It happened in St. Petersburg, Florida on Monday while Mariah was promoting her new collection of clothing, shoes and jewelry on the network.

Her employee brought the dog outside several times for a walk but during this particular outing the pup is ingloriously shoved back in the carrier in a way that will make many people cringe.

Carey is known for her lover of Terriers and husband Nick Cannon recently gave her one for their anniversary. She has three of the dogs and one recently had a puppy. She Tweeted a photo of the pup to her fans.
Jacked from Radar Online

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