Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Scott Disick Trying to Date Kim Kardashian

What a cad! Scott Disick puts the moves on Kim Kardashian.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN's bad-boy beau sinks to new low. As show insider says Scott Disick made a play for her sister KIM!

When Kim and Scott were at a bar together recently, the insider says Scott pulled her aside and whispered: "You and I would be so good together."

After telling him off, the insider says Kim told Kourtney, who has an infant son with Scott, about the inappropriate pass - and Kourtney got angry at HER instead of Scott!

The 27-year-old businessman came on to Kim soon after he and the sisters got into a brawl at the New York City nightclub Juliet on Oct. 7, according to the source. The melee was set off when a woman threw a drink on Kim.

"Scott jumped in and protected Kim," explained the insider.

"She was really impressed with him sticking up for her, but Scott misinterpreted Kim's reaction and tried to make more of the situation.

"Even though she's gone out of her way to defend him in the past, she was disgusted by Scott hitting on her."

Still, Kourtney blamed Kim for the incident and accused her of leading on Scott - and now the two sisters are fighting, says the insider.

"I think he's bored with Kourtney and decided that he'd be better off hitching himself to Kim, who is the family's biggest star." The insider said.

"Never in a million years would Kim consider dating Scott.

"But that hasn't stopped him from trying."
Jacked from The National Enquirer


♫♥☆♪MoN!QU3♫♥☆♪ said...

lol yh right
I do believe that he is bored of Kourtney though

Anonymous said...

Fake, planted story put out by the kartraher's pr team. Nice try.

Anonymous said...

He has a chance.

Anonymous said...

Kim needs a man BADLY. Why not Scott?

I like Kourtney though. She seems sweet and sincere. Whereas, Khloe is a wilderbeast and Kim is just blah...

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