Friday, December 17, 2010

Miyoki Jones Trial by Fire

Model Miyoki Jones was in the wrong place at the right time.  
We just ran into model Miyoki Jones -- y'know, the woman whose hair caught on fire during Diddy's CD release party -- and she's already got big plans for her fried 'do.

Miyoki -- whose hair was conspicuously up in a bun as she walked around NYC -- told us a concerned Diddy called to check in on her.

Miyoki's no dummy -- she wants to strike while her hair's still cooling down -- and make the most of her red hot moment in the spotlight.

Just look out for those candlelit bathtubs.

We also obtained a photo of her damaged hair (100% real, she says). Nothing a weave or a haircut can't fix.

Jacked from TMZ


Anonymous said...

Hopefully she was smart and did not sign a form to dismiss any lawsuit against Sean.

Anonymous said...

Another publicity whore. SMH! why can't she count her blessings and fade back into obscurity. No one cares. Sick of people capitalizing off every stupid/irresponsible thing that they do.

Anonymous said...

First of all.. u can plainly see that that was a weave! The before was much thicker than the after! Air headed bish

Anonymous said...

her hair looks a hell of a lot thinner in that ponytail so im going to guess the curly shit was a weave. She will be lucky if Puff gives her 2000 dollars.Lmao!

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