Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rare Michael Jackson Photos Sell at Auction

Michael Jackson photographs fetch more than $265,000 at Auction.
A collection of MICHAEL JACKSON photographs have sold for more than $265,000 (£176,667) at auction in Paris, France.

The snaps were taken in 1999 by French photographer Arno Bani as the pop superstar attempted to revamp his image ahead of the release of his 2001 album Invincible.
A number of the Bani shots had been intended as the record's artwork, but other pictures were chosen instead.

The photographs were sold off in 90 lots on Monday (13Dec10) and the collection raised more than $265,000 (£176,667).

The top-selling item was a picture of the singer in a Pharaoh-style pose - bare-chested and wearing a golden cape - which fetched a massive $34,880 (£23,253).
Jacked from Contact Music


Long may be Reign said...

MJ could not stand the photos done by this individual thus the reason they were never released, until now. Once again, MJ is being exploited.

Anonymous said...

4:22 p.m. You are so right it's disgusting to see how MJ is now in vogue once again because he is dead....SMFH WTF!!

Anonymous said...

They're gonna milk Mike for every cent they can. Glad he's in heaven and away from all the leeches & fake fockers.

Anonymous said...

So who's making money of him now ??????????

Anonymous said...

Joe 1:04pm...remember when Mike first died the media said that it was a moving truck in front before the paramedics removed his body from the house?? Also, there was a woman in the house as well who took some "Papers" from the house? Well, its apparent that several people left the house with some items, what they were...I'll bet you lots of previously unreleased pictures and music....damn shame people will do anything for money with out regards to respect. What ever happened to respecting a dead person's wishes?

Anonymous said...

I saw that footage of the moving van at MJs home after it was reported that he had passed away. A damn shame. LaToya was all through his home after his death and it was reported some of MJ jewerly was missing. Shame. To many MJ was a commodity, not a person. He was a one man revenue to them. Sad. People make me sick.

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