Sunday, January 9, 2011

Selena Gomez Receiving Death Threats

Justin Bieber fans are out for Selena Gomez' blood.
Dating (or being very close personal friends) with Justin Bieber comes with a special set of liabilities, as teen sweetheart Selena Gomez has discovered during the past few days.

After photos surfaced of the pair getting cozy on a yacht in the Caribbean, Bieber's fans got nasty about Gomez on Twitter. In fact, they moved beyond nasty to downright vicious and threatening.

Some anti-Selena tweets have included:

@selenagomez I'll kill you I swear on GOD!!!!

@selenagomez whore cancer i'mm kill myself cuz i saw you and Justin kissing well thankyou Selena thankyou now i'm killing myself

@selenagomez stay away from Justin pedophile, retard wait i'm gonna kill ya in the night underneath your smelly bed

@selenagomez If you are the Girlfriend of Justin I will Kill you I HATE YOU :@ !!!

Former FBI agent and security expert Harold Copus of Copus Security Consultants in Atlanta says that even though these threats were sent over something as seemingly innocuous as Twitter, Bieber and Gomez should consult their security teams and take the threats with the appropriate dose of concern.

"I think any time you receive a threat over Twitter or anonymous letter, you have to be somewhat concerned," Copus says. "They may look to increase their security. They may factor this into a variety of other information they know about potential threats and figure out where this piece of information fits in the puzzle."

Copus says this could very well be an isolated case of rabid fans upset over the fact that their idol may have a new girlfriend, but still, a celebrity can never discount any threat.

"If I was running that security detail, this would be on my radar screen," Copus tells PopEater.

Gomez isn't the first suspected paramour of Bieber's to receive threats. Back in May, after Bieber tweeted a picture of himself with Kim Kardashian, fans attacked the much older celebrity on Twitter, too. Thankfully, no Kardashian was harmed.
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Anonymous said...

These little girls are nuts.! Read a damn book and stop picking on this girl who's with some little boy you'll never meet.!

Anonymous said...

teen hormones wow! all this for a boy with the voice of a lil girl! y dont they do us all a favor and jump off the empire state building.....TWICE like really ur gonna kill her and i bet u these same girls were watching her on wizards of waverly place (dnt judge me i have a daughter)

Anonymous said...

Why don't they just boycott her show? The threat of low ratings/cancellation will end the relationship faster than threats will!

Bonanza said...

And they said the human race couldn't fall any lower...

Anonymous said...

LOL commmonnnnnn we did the same thing over johnathan taylor thomas and my aunt did the same thing for New Kids on the Block.its normal STFU

Anonymous said...

I wanted To Hurt Girls For Dating Justin Timberlake When He Was In Nysync LOL But Whats Hilarious Is These Threats Are Really Coming From Pedophiles Disguised as young girls on twitter

Anonymous said...

I don't get it Justin is a girl why are little girls going crazy for shim? - I understand why little boys love him but this hate baffles me... Selena is an apple head leave her alone.

I just knew I was gonna marry Willis from Diffrent Strokes and wanted to kill Janet Jackson when she dated him on the show - now however - not so much... ha ha ha ha

♫♥☆♪MoN!QU3♫♥☆♪ said...

lmao but serious shes 18 what is she doing with a 16 yo :/

Anonymous said...

Little girls is it really that serious, he isn't american that's number 1, he ain't cute number 2, he sounds like a girl when he "sings" he can't sing in my opinion, baby baby, he is another canadian mutt like that special fake rapper drake, what is the appeal little girls because I just don't see it, if he wants to be with an old woman for her age next to him let him be with her they both will be has beens before the new year is over, you will find some one else who is so much better than this little boy girl.

Anonymous said...

Little girls he is in a mixed couples relationship, he's an ugly non singing canadian mutt,and she is an ugly spanish chick, they're both ugly non talented kids famous for nothing who are perfect for each other.

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