Friday, May 20, 2011

The House that Arnold Bought

Arnold Schwarzenegger bought this house in Bakersfield for his maid and  their secret son.
This is the house that Arnold Schwarzenegger generously bought for his “retiring” housekeeper Mildred Patricia Baena, according to the realtor who made the deal. The $268,000 Bakersfield home has 4 bedrooms 2 baths and a nice yard and pool. Baena,50, has not been home since Monday when the scandal broke so she’s missing all the fun. (We bet some news outlet has bought her story and hid her in a fancy hotel until they get the scoop.) The street is packed with reporters and TV crews and the neighbors can’t stop talking. Many gleefully mention Baena’s son’s resemblance to Arnold. As we recall, Marlon Brando had the same kind of relationship with his housekeeper but we don’t think he was married at the time.
Jacked from Janet Charlton 


Operation: BeastMode said...

w0w that intersection though. .. :smh: Traffic noise much? MUAHAHAHAHAHA!! Suuuckaaaaaaaaass

nba is fixed said...

Nice house. Too bad it's in Bakersfield.

Anonymous said... least he bought her a house and has taken care of his child financially. I know birds who didn't even get a meal out of the deal...just a random thought. carry on


I love it when darkness comes to light.

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