Friday, May 20, 2011

John Legend Offers to Help Cheryl Cole Break US Market

John Legend has graciously offered to help British pop star Cheryl Cole establish herself on the U.S. music scene.

John Legend wants to help Cheryl Cole launch her music career in the US.

The 'Save Room' singer is a huge fan of the new judge of 'The X Factor' US, and although he won't be tuning in to watch the show, he has offered to her establish her as a solo star in America.

He said: "Whatever Cheryl needs, I'm glad to help. But I'm sure she will be fine.

"It's big her getting the job on 'X Factor' USA. A lot of people don't know her in the States but they will now.

"I'm not much of a talent show watcher so I won't be tuning in personally. When you do it professionally it's hard to watch talent shows, but I know it's good for everybody else so I'll just be a little snob in my corner while the rest of world is tuning in."

John is also desperate to play more shows in the UK and is hoping to be invited for some festivals this summer.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: "I've done festivals everywhere but in the UK. I heard the track I did with Magnetic Man went down well in the UK which I'm happy about.

"I was there in November with The Roots and that was fabulous. We played 'Jools Holland' which was a lot of fun."
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Operation: BeastMode said...

On the strength though, and don't me mad. . but this nikka can't sing for SHIT!! Hes like the male version of Lumidee :smdh:

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you said it. John (in his own mind)Legend CAN NOT sing. I wish someone would help him right off the stage.

Anonymous said...

their is plenty of talent in black community but this no talent fake person want to help this person who also has no talent just beauty john legend remind me of typical brother who will hold the door and pull of a chair for a non black female but would not respect a sister that carries herself with class and dignity.

Anonymous said...

How nice of you John "sweet cakes" Legend

Anonymous said...

John is a great singer and a great artist. cheryl on the other hand is just a pretty girl but not much of a singer.

Anonymous said...

@12:08 AM: So true!

He is so arrogant. He had a hit, and he could have improved his voice, but he decided he didn't need to


He sounds like shit in concert.

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