Monday, May 16, 2011

Rock Star Lifestyle Might Don't Make It

Friends fear 70 year old rocker Ringo Starr's  raging coke binges will be the end of him.
Cocaine binges reportedly have friends of rock star Ringo Star voicing their concern for the Beatles drummer. Sources close to the 70-year-old legendary artist say Ringo is out of control when it comes to his cocaine habit.

Here’s what an insider had to say exclusively to Jacky Jasper:

“Ringo does lines of cocaine, as thick as my index finger. When he’s high, he gets so paranoid.

It’s not unusual for him to lock himself in closets of his a hotel rooms. Once, the maid knocked on the door of his hotel and Ringo when into a frenzy! I called him and found out he suddenly checked out of the hotel and was at the airport about to board a plane because he believed cops were at his hotel door.”

This sort of out of control rock star behavior is nothing new. Ike Turner was also getting high in his old age, so I’m not surprised to learn Ringo is doing the same. But, isn’t it time to quit doing cocaine when you’re so high that you lock yourself in the closet?
Jacked from Diary of a Hollywood Street King


Anonymous said...

Let him have his fun!

Anonymous said...

^^ Co sign! The man's 70 years old...he's lived a long and full life...let him do wtf he wants to!

I'd rather be partying until my dying day then sitting in a diaper with my mind gone or some shit.

Anonymous said...

And with all he's had, look at what he has!


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