Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Britney Spears Parts Ways with Jive

Britney Spears parts ways with Jive in label shake up.
In what will serve to be one of the music industry’s most prolific stories of the year, Britney Spears has been confirmed to be leaving record label of many years, JIVE.

She will now become an artist solely signed to the RCA Music Group which was formerly a half of the RCA/JIVE label group…

As reported some weeks ago, former Island Def Jam executive LA Reid has been confirmed as the new head of a restructured Epic Records.

As part of the major restructuring, Epic will take on many of JIVE’s artists including Pink and Usher who were both signed by Reid.

As a result of this Britney Spears will leave of JIVE to become a RCA Music Group artist as opposed to being a member of the RCA/JIVE division which is now seperating for JIVE to become a part of Epic Records which is to be headed by Reid.

It is worth wondering what prompted this decision for Britney to leave a label that she has worked so well with for more than a decade and what this will mean for long time chart rival, Christina Aguilera who will become Spears’ label mate.

Either way, this marks an interesting time for the ‘Toxic‘ singer.

For it silences the speculation that ‘Femme Fatale’ would be her last album since a new contract with RCA would mean new music.

Will Britney’s residence at RCA hurt Christina’s chance of a comeback?
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Anonymous said...

With that pose, all she needs is a black man now!

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bogart4017 said...

Judging from the picture Jive Records aint the only thing she can part.

NoReally said...

damn does she have draws on???? eeewww

Anonymous said...

they clearly Photoshopped a latin or blac kwomen legs and changed the colour, that not her legs aand i f i had a label spent that much money to rebuild her and her album flop and he was still crazy id drop her to

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Fuck what cha heard, I'd smash!

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