Friday, June 17, 2011

Garcelle Beauvais Coy About Sean Penn Connection

Garcelle Beauvais will neither confirm nor deny if she's dating Sean Penn.

From one stunning actress to the next?

Weeks after splitting with Scarlett Johansson, Sean Penn was spotted having an intimate one-on-one meal with actress Garcelle Beauvais earlier this week at the Sunset Hotel in Hollywood.

Former NYPD Blue star Beauvais, 44, wouldn't confirm or deny romance rumors when asked by Us Weekly at Thursday's Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards in Beverly Hills. Smiling widely, Beauvais simply said "No comment" about her status with Penn, 50. Was their dinner date to discuss Haiti, perhaps? (Beauvais is a native of the impoverished, earthquake-ravaged island nation, and Penn spends much of his time there helping lead relief efforts.)

"No comment!" Beauvais repeated to Us coyly, still beaming.

As first reported by E! News, Beauvais and Penn broke bread together this past Tuesday at the Terrace Room at the Sunset Tower. Us Weekly confirmed that Penn, who often dines at the eatery with male pals, showed up with Beauvais around 10 p.m.; the low-key pair kept to themselves as they chatted and noshed on bread and raw vegetables.

Last June, Beauvais filed for divorce from Mike Nilon, her husband of 9 years and father to her 3-year-old twins Jax and Joseph. In April 2010, Beauvais accused him of cheating on her in a furious email she blasted out to his colleagues at the CAA agency.

Penn broke up with Johansson, 25, in May after about five months together because he didn't want a "serious" relationship following his 2010 divorce from wife Robin Wright.

Tell Us: Would Penn and Beauvais make a cute couple?
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nba is fixed said...

It is so obvious this 40 year old hollywood hoe is trying to come up. I hope Sean Penn plays her ass the same way Michael Missick played Lisa Raye!

Anonymous said...

any women who would give sean penn the time of day is a gold digger, besides his money what would a normal women see in him? he is uglyx 1000 and a drug addict

Anonymous said...


do you think she was screwing around on her first husband (her son from that marriage is an adorable black boy) and second?

Anonymous said...

In his younger days, Sean Penn had that brooding, bad boy appeal. Now it seems like he's aging "naturally" & doesn't seem to be concerened with vanity. That could be a good thing in Hollywood.

Garcelle Beauvais is as gorgeous as ever. To me, she's always seemed to be a classy lady.

In entertainment, romance DOES seem to be a revolving door, but if they're both single & get on well, I don't see a problem.

Anonymous said...

@3:55 PM NubianGoddez
Break it down, woman. The only reason any thinking woman would be with Sean Penn is for publicity. That brooding bad boy may cut it for teenagers but for a 50+ year old man, that is a ridiculous look.
That's Hollywierd for you. Arrested Development.

Anonymous said...

Don't nobody want her "has been" ass, so whether she says anything or NOT, who cares about what she says.

She must be bad at something because a "white man", played on her ass.

Anonymous said...

She's a clown period!

Anonymous said...

Sean Penn fucked Madonna - he couldn't come near me with somebody elses dick... she is far too pretty for this shit - first your ugly ass husband cheats on you now you want to mess with the notoriously single Penn... ahite girl....please don't make me toss you in the Vivica Fox bag (has been washed up bishes trying anything to remain relevant)

nba is fixed said...

FYI most hollywood actresses are not ladies. Most of them had to experience the casting couch. Garcelle is no exception. There is nothing lady like about that.

Anonymous said...

^^ Speak!!!

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