Friday, June 17, 2011

Christina Aguilera Rubbing Voice Co-Stars the Wrong Way

Christina Aguilera continues to ruffle feathers on The Voice.

Tensions are bubbling backstage on NBC's hit "The Voice" between Christina Aguilera and rival judge Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine.

Sources tell Page Six fellow judges Levine and Blake Shelton have formed an alliance against Aguilera, whose much bigger paycheck, attention-stealing diva stunts and doting makeup team have rubbed the guys the wrong way.

Low-key Levine can't grasp why Aguilera, who seems to get on a little better with Cee Lo Green, is being paid $225,000 per episode, in comparison to their $75,000 rate, and has a huge entourage, including two hair and makeup people, a producer and an assistant.

"They are all so annoyed by her," a source told us. "Every time she walks away with her entourage, they talk about her behind her back. She holds people up and never apologizes."

While Aguilera is the most vocal on the show, sources say she won't speak to the other judges during commercial breaks.

"When the cameras are rolling, she literally won't shut up," an insider told us. "It is all about her."

The production team is also playing into the rift -- Aguilera's supporters wear "Team Christina" T-shirts on the Studio City set.

Despite the differences, another source said the judges appeared to be getting along after the show Tuesday night at a bash thrown by Shelton and Miranda Lambert, at which Aguilera was still wearing her "Team Christina" shirt.

We hear that despite the disagreements, Aguilera and Levine are working together and recently recorded a track that will be released Tuesday.

Levine's rep said, "This is absolutely false. Adam loves Christina, and they just recorded a song together. All the judges had a party at Blake's house the other night after the show."
Aguilera's rep told us, "No comment."
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Anonymous said...

please..she been a prima donna ...they knew that when she came on the show,only i guess the Levine thought his pussy was bigger then hers.

Anonymous said...

she feeling her self, people dont forget she crazy and has had numerous mental break downs, not to mention she fat and unattractive. oh ya no talent at all

The Utopian of Lady Michelle said...

she looks like a pig, and we know pigs are greedy and self indulging. UGH! fire the bitch, i think I'd rather see someone like tina turner or diana ross up there anyway

Anonymous said...

P.R. Stunt, this heffa wason A.I. Just like year promoting her album that bummed than her movie tanked NOW she's on a knock-off of A.I.

She never had an identity,Britney knock-off
Jumped on the latin music explosion

Flashing her ass like Britney
Jumped on Lady ga ga's steez

Now, jlo clone,

She diesn't have her own style.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day however, she can sing. Her talent is her voice. Her attitude is shitty, but you can't deny her vocal ability.

Anonymous said...

her whole looks pisses me off. clearly she's crazy because she looks 1 step from drawing her lipstick in a jagged line across her cheek.

Anonymous said...

Damn.. Why all the hate..? Am I the only Xtina stan around here..?

Anonymous said...

I've always love Christina and been a fan, for the hater that said that she has no talent, i mean i understand not liking someone but to be just down right delusional is apparent hating. Christina has a voice on the lines of Mariah, Whitney and they just deserve to have an attitude sometimes, their human. Her attitude always been bad stop acting brand new because she doesnt dress or do her make up the way you want her to.

Anonymous said...

BTW, Blake Shelton looks like a drunk on this pic

Anonymous said...

christina is a hasbeen.

Anonymous said...

her fat azz is starting to look like hatchett face from the johhny depp movie "cry baby" google hactchett face and you will see. LMAO.

Anonymous said...

Wowww people!!! I forgot that so many people use the option to be anonymous as a chance to be uncontrollably nasty. I was a little irritated with some of Cristina's comments & wished she'd talk a little less & dress with a bit more style myself (couple outfits were cute). But after reading this I see some of you are just spewing pure hatred all over the place. It's interesting that you're anonymous. Because like on The Voice our backs are turned so we can't see you, but I for one can only imagine that some of you must be the ugliest, most pathetic, people with very low-self esteem because your outsides must match what's coming out of you here; is what we'd see of those hateful writers when out chairs turn. I'm not even a big fan of hers but I'm deaf or blind. Whatever she is you're completely delusional haters to lie and say she's not talented and/or not beautiful. And big deal that she's not hollywood bobble-head thin. She has a real woman's body.

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