Monday, June 20, 2011

Kelsey Grammer is Such a Tool

Kelsey Grammer sent a mass email to all his contacts that his ex wife Camille smells like beef jerky.

FROM: Kelsey Grammer
TO: Everybody in Kelsey Grammer’s Address Book
SUBJECT: Camille smells like beef jerkey
EMAIL TEXT: goodnight

Oh, no! Kelsey is so humiliated and completely sorry you received that email last night — the one with the subject line about how his ex-wife Camille smells like beef jerky — but he super-promises he wasn’t the one who sent it.

Eh. Sounds to me like somebody staggered home late at night, fired off a nonsensical email about his ex, and blacked out. Now that’s a story I can identify with.

Nonetheless, Page Six is reporting that Grammer was “hacked” by a “prankster.” That report conflicts with Grammer’s own version of the story, which is so much more banal: although the email account is in Grammer’s name, it’s a “shared account,” and “third parties” can access it.

Grammer emailed his contact list a curt non-apology, writing, “May I suggest it is ‘they’ who owe you an apology.” Did you read it in a haughty Frasier Voice? I know I did.

Whatever. Own your mistake, Kelsey Grammer! If you’re willing to sign your name to anything and everything your friends are sending from “your” email address, you obviously need to find better friends.
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bogart4017 said...

Maybe its her diet...

Anonymous said...

she looks like beef jerky too - terriyaki flavor....

shitorsugarreanimated said...

LMOA agreed with both comments!! ^^

Anonymous said...

It might be true, but that it STILL the mother of his children. He needs to stop. They're not married. He's remarried. It's over. Let it be over and stop disrespecting the mother of your children Frazier.

Anonymous said...

I really thought it was his wife but KELSEY really has some serious issues. This dude is a pervert that messes with young girls and busts nuts all day! For real! Tell us what you smell like Kelsey!

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