Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sean Kingston Jet Skiing in Manatee Zone

Sean Kingston is facing charges after his horrific jet ski crash for skiing in a manatee zone.

Sean Kingston ain't in the clear yet after crashing a high-speed jet ski into a Miami bridge -- TMZ has learned the singer could still face legal repercussions ... for disturbing the local manatees.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the area where Kingston crashed last weekend is a manatee zone -- and according to Florida state law, boats and watercrafts are prohibited from producing a wake in manatee-populated areas.

Based on the jet ski damage ... Kingston probably produced a wake before his accident -- but law enforcement is still investigating to figure out exactly what happened prior to the crash.

If Kingston IS found in violation of the manatee law -- he faces a maximum fine of $32,500.
Jacked from TMZ


Deezerella said...

I thought he was in London when this happened.

Anonymous said...

he's a manatee too that's why he was there

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