Friday, July 1, 2011

All My Children Receives Its End Date

Get ready to grab your tissues "All My Children"  fans, the end is near.
It's really happening, soap fans. "All My Children" is really, truly coming to an end. ABC revealed today that the final episode will air on Friday, Sept. 23.

As the network has said before, the soap will end in a way that "respects the show's legacy and honors its history." Stars including Josh Duhamel, Eva La Rue, Carol Burnett and more will be making appearances as the long-running program winds down.

"AMC," which premiered in 1970, was nominated for 13 Daytime Emmys this year, and has won more than 30 in its history.
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Anonymous said...

The end isn't soon enough for this show!!

bogart4017 said...

You're a little late with this good news. I had that date two months ago.

Anonymous said...

Ahh...truly an end of an era for me. I remember rushing home to watch the last 10 mins. of General Hospital. My mother used to record AMC, OLTL and GH., and we would watch it together. I was in middle school then...I'm 39 now. It's like part of my childhood dying. Soon they will all be gone, and will be saying, "remember when..."

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