Sunday, July 3, 2011

Crystal Harris Selling Her Engagement Ring

Crystal Harris makes the most of her broken engagement to Playboy founder Hugh Hefner by selling the three carat engagement ring he gave her.

Crystal Harris may not have become Mrs. Hugh Hefner, but she's hoping to still profit.

The Playboy beauty who called off her wedding to Hef, 85, just days before their June 18 wedding, is looking to sell off her $90,000 engagement ring.

Harris, 25, stepped into Prospect Jewelers in La Jolla, Calif., to have the three-carat bauble appraised, presumably so she can sell it, reports TMZ.

When the store's owner questioned the blonde about the cut and clarity of the diamond, she had no clue and called the Playboy Mansion -- on speakerphone.
Jacked from NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

Legally she should give it back. I'm sure Heff won't ask for it back because he doesn't want to look broke.

Anonymous said...

if i was huff id sue the bitch she broke the contract its not her ring

Anonymous said...

She knew she did not have any intentions of marrying the world's OLDEST pimp. Seriously, does this man even leave fingerprints anymore? Time to grow up Hef.

Anonymous said...

Hoes are shady, what can you say. I think I heard somewhere it isn't correct protocol to ask for your ring back if the relationship fails. I heard the only way you're probably gonna get that ring back is if you ex-wife/ girlfriend/ fiance throws it in your face after y'all brake up. Otherwise, you just out of that money. Marriage is a silly idea unless your middle aged man with no game or a woman anyway.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:13

An engagement ring is given with the expectation of a marriage happening. It is an unwritten contract. It's been an unwritten contract for centuries. Legally he can ask for it back and a court would order her to give it back or pay what the ring is worth or purchase price. This is standard legal practice give or take some states that have other legal protocol. Heff won't ask because it'll make him look cheap.

Anonymous said...

@ 12: 49 PM: The more you know, the smarter you grow (Lol).

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