Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kanye West to Debut Clothing Line During Fashion Week

Kanye West's fashion dreams are finally coming true as he debuts his very own line during New York  fashion week.

That Kanye West will be at New York Fashion Week in September is a given. That he will show his own clothing line there is not, but Grazia says "excellent sources" tell the magazine he will and that he is getting help from designer Louise Goldin and Central St. Martins professor Louise Wilson. So the obvious names, in other words.

Kanye has been talking about doing a clothing line for years. We've heard he has also been picking at it for a long time. Like, you may have started a personal blog or Twitter account and eventually stopped bothering with it but go back to it every now and then and think about how you should really get rolling on it again. One celebrity version of that is picking at a fashion design sub-career.
Jacked from The Cut


Anonymous said...

The Sissy Collection.

jane said...

strange "blouses"
fitted pants
goofy sunglasses
and fucked up jewelry
good luck j c kanye

Anonymous said...

you go girl. Maybe you'll wear that lingerie you used to wear for Dame before you turned your back on him

Anonymous said...

sold his soul to the devil but at least it came with a few toys and a happy meal

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