Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kat Von D Probably Regrets Her Last Tattoo

Before they broke up Kat Von D tattooed Jesse James face on her body.

Kat von d recently had a picture of Jesse James’ face tattooed on her side, before they called of their engagement, according to TVNZ. What a painful reminder this must be of a love gone wrong. Kat is just one of the many women to make this mistake in a relationship. Tattoos are permanent, but relationships often are not.

The tattoo diva surprised James with a childhood picture of his face tattooed on her side. This is seen on one of the episodes of the new LA Ink season. She says she is getting his face tattooed on her as a surprise, but she has no idea how he will take this.

When James sees it, he says, “you’re crazy” but then tells her he loves it. This is all seen on the show. It appears that Jesse was right about one thing, this was a crazy thing for the tattoo diva to do.
Jacked from The Examiner 


Anonymous said...

two clowns at work. Sandra I see you laughing!

Anonymous said...

like she didnt this coming? this guy is an asshole. end of story.

Anonymous said...

That tat of him has feminine facial features imo, so she can easily transform that into something else. She knew the shit wasn't going to last. The relationship was a scam to begin with.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how she is going to look at 70 with those face tats, lol.

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