Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Levi Johnston's Sister Posing Nude for Playboy

Bristol Palin's baby daddy Levi Johnston's sister Mercedes' nude spread for Playboy will run in the same issue as an in depth article about the Palins.

GOP presidential hopeful Sarah Palin and her family are the subjects of a profile by George Gurley in the September issue of Playboy, according to sources. Insiders say the story will run next to a four-page nude pictorial of Mercede Johnston, the sister of Bristol Palin's estranged baby daddy, Levi. The Palins did not participate in the Gurley piece. Instead, the writer went to Alaska to interview locals and friends for a write-around. But Playboy sources say that Mercede is outspoken in the article about Palin and Bristol, whom she routinely lashes out against in her blog. One of Johnston's latest blog posts rips Bristol's book, "Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far," saying it should have been entitled, "Not Afraid of Lies." Sources say Johnston was paid less than $25,000 to strip down for the magazine. A rep for the Palins didn't get back to us.
Jacked from Page Six 




Anonymous said...

What a trashy ass family. Does that idiot have his last name tattoed on his arm????? Oh Ok..just in case he gets drunk off of moose piss and forgets who he is right??? FUck outta here!!!!

Anonymous said...

These people so Ashanti (that's foolish).

Anonymous said...

Doesn't all non-talent so call celebrities.

Society has become a joke! Hoes, bm, strippers, prostitutes, gold diggers are now something to glorify.

Next she will be starring in porn movies oh wait isn't playboy considered soft porn? LOL

bogart4017 said...

Naaked white trash

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see that fuckin' trailer trash in the nude. ye ha!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Let's do the Palin conservative family values recap:

1. Daughter Bristol gets knocked up.
2. Babby Daddy Levi poses for Playgirl, a magazine for gay men.
3. Levi's mother gets busted for drug distribution by Alaskan state troopers
4. Todd Palin's sister was arrested for breaking and entering
5. Mercedes Johnston is posing for playboy
6. The Palin's oldest son Track, allegedly cut the brake lines on school buses
7. Daughter Bristol knifes up her face and goes Hollywood
8. The mother Palin is an idiot. She makes money off of bigger idiots

I LOVE THE PALINS! As rich and white as they are, they are no different from a black family trying to make it out of the housing projects.

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