Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rocker Richie Sambora's GF is a Coke Dealing Hooker

Sex, drugs and rock and roll go together like peanut butter and jelly so we're kind of not surprised that Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora is dating a hooker who sells coke.
He is the rocker who shot to fame as the virtuoso guitarist for rock superstars Bon Jovi.

But it seems Richie Sambora’s love life is anything but a Bed of Roses after a newspaper printed claims his latest girlfriend is a high-class prostitute who sells drugs.

Just days after the guitar-slinger was pictured with model Yasmin Mitri, she was caught up in a sting operation by a tabloid.

The 24-year-old Brazilian was quoted in the News of the World as offering to buy drugs for their undercover reporter.

It claimed she wore the same clingy silver dress she wore for a night out in London with Sambora when the journalist went to her plush London flat.

She then described her use of cocaine and how she could provide it.

She said: ‘I like coke. I started doing it five months ago. It's £50 a gram. You have to order two grams.

‘If you order some now, it'll be twenty minutes.’

She is said to poured the reporter a glass of wine before joining him on a cream leather sofa.

Within minutes Mitri, who moved to the UK two years ago, began talking about her famous lover.

She said: ‘My boyfriend is a famous musician. Do you know Bon Jovi band? Richie Sambora?

‘I've been with him for over a year and a half. He lives in LA but we speak to each other all the time and he sends me presents.’

She also offered to sleep with the journalist for a large sum of cash.

She told him: ‘I really like sex. I'm Brazilian - of course I like sex.’

Inside the hooker’s bedroom was a hand-written card from Sambora on a basket of scented candles which read: ‘Yasmin, you're the best.’

The allegations are sure to come to as a blow to the multi-platinum selling musician, who has previously struggled with substance addiction.

The shock news is also a case of life imitating art, as Mitri played a hooker in the Danny Dyer film Pimp.

She appeared on the Girls From Paradise escort agency website under the name Genevive, though her profile has since been removed.
Jacked from The Daily Mail 


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Oh well, women are like fist fights. You win some, you lose some.

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Some girlfriend...

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And he's her #1 customer!!!

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