Friday, July 22, 2011

Tea Time

Jacked from a random message board

umm is chris rock married?

because some of my male friends was in magic city last night and said that ***** was in there fuckin a girl in VIP. they said he only likes lightskin girls. I See much hasnt changed with Chris..smh!


Anonymous said...

He is just a man who likes to fuck. There is no telling what is going on in his marriage. His wife might not give a shit. Stop worrying about who is fucking who and get your own life in order.

kassidy said...

Your right chris,as you were.

Anonymous said...

No sex in the Champagne Room!!

Anonymous said...

He only likes light skin girls, well I guess he must think his own daughters are ugly... GTFOH with this and leave chris alone!

Anonymous said...

I swear the "tea" on the site is getting weaker and weaker. I call bull shit on this!

Anonymous said...

We shoud be more concerned with who was the nasty ho who allowed somebody's husband to dig her out in a blasted club....

A Becky for Chris said...

I know for a FACT that he LOVES the Beckies. Vanilla is his crack. He just get's down with the Light-Brights in public, but best be sure that he creeps with Becky on the DL.

And too many people know that he's not, nor has he ever been, faithful to his wife.

nba is fixed said...

I have said it before and I will say it again. Ladies if you marry a rich powerful man, he is going to cheat on you! Chris Rock may not be powerful but he is certainly rich!

Anonymous said...

@4:13PM - I notice that too. This blog is getting weaker by the minute!

Anonymous said...

Chris Rock got caught cheating on his wife with a white woman

And then he wonders why his wife wears a hair weave.

Unfortunately the self esteem of many black women is tied to what ugly dark skin black males think of them.

Black women self love is all thats needed.
Leave the Chris Rocks of the world alone.

Chris Rock is the type of black man you end up with when you try to convince a black man who loves white women to be with a black woman.

And in the end you hate yourself and want to look white just like Chris' wife.

Also stop letting black men like Chris Rock profit off of you.

While Chris was writing good hair asking what is wrong with black women and their dislike for their hair

He should have been asking was wrong with black men such as himself,T-Pain,and Ice-T and their love for white aesthetics

Black men have every right to love all thing white and non black but they have absolutely no right to dissect any other person's perceived self hatred when they suffer from it themselves.

Anonymous said...

um, chris likes women who look like his moms...he wants a mother/whore...he got the mother, cause his wife is smart, ladylike, educated, etc...but he is like tiger woods...wants a freak of the week behind closed doors...he said it in his last comedy special...some women will not swallow, others are in loving relationships. look at Malak...she doesnt strike me as the type that swallows...or goes down for that matter...homegirl is about her chips and i am not mad. btw, the kids are beautiful...are they really chris's? mommas baby, poppas maybe...just like beyonce...tina KNOWS that beyonce do not belong to matty! stevie wonder can see that?

Anonymous said...

i need to see proof before i say yay or nay.

Anonymous said...

Chris Rock LOVES white women, he married a black woman to keep yall off his ass.


I see this marriage ending pretty soon!

Anonymous said...

NBA FIXED is telling the truth!!!
Go to Hell Becky.. Stay eating dicks and leave the commenting to other folks.

Anonymous said...

Who Really Gives A fU*K, How About You Life, How Are You Doing, Who Are You Banging. Know Why You Don't Say, Cuz Nobody Gives A fU*K. There Is So Much Real Sh*t Going Down In This World, And People Have More Concern That Chris Rock Was In Magic City, Who's He Banging, Does His Wife Go Down, Dam Are There Any People On This Site That Knows What The Price Of Gold Was Today ! How Many New Jobs Were Lost This Month ?
Where Are The People That Have A True Concern About Their And Their Kids Future In This Country! WAKE UP !!!

Anonymous said...

@6:52--I couldn't agree more, you did say that!!!

@3:17- I do know what you mean but I have to question why you would be on this blog versus one thats more socially conscious. I mean the word " gossip" is in the title. And the word "jacker" is a term that let's you know there will be irreverent observations made by ppl reading and writing their observations and opinions on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Mediatakeout totally had a story very similar this today! Get it Gossip Jacker!

Anonymous said...

6:52 are you crazy? My hair is down my back and if my man cheated with a white girl(which he wouldn't)why would I put a weave in? Lol white girls love weave more than black woman so gtfoh with the stereotypes. There's is nothing about a white woman I would ever wanna mimic!!"!

Anonymous said...

exactly @ 9:21 a.m.

Black women need to wake up. Clearly all signs were there. Majority of the black male entertainers always have a wondering eye when it comes to white women. Who cares.

This is why white women think black women are jealous of them. Actually truth be told any time you have to grab or make known you are married or dating a black man only ignites your hatred for black women.

I have zero tolerance! The stereotypes are just ridiculous. I'm quite sure black women have no time to worry about what you swallow or who you allow to bend your a$$ over. Ya I said it.

Oh to the black men who continue to assume our hatred for you dating out of your race exist know this we are not interested in

1 drug dealers
2 Brothers behind bars
3 Men lacking the will to seek a 9-5 job
4 No education pass high school hell some of you never graduated.
5 Pants hanging
6 Living in your mothers basement
7 Multiply baby mothers
8 Punks beating on women
9 Crying about how the white man is keeping you down
10 Representing crips or bloods. Fighting over property you don't own.

So continue to bash black women.If you offended by this list then i suggest you stop with the stereotypes of your own race of women.

Real men of any race don't have time to degrade women. They are to busy handling their business.

I don't date ignorance. I date intelligence. Oh I'm not a bitter black woman and have never been disrespected by a black man.

I have never and will never be jealous of a white women or a non-black woman. There is no need. I'm not purchasing my body parts nor do I buy weave. All the stereotypes you direct toward black women need to be directed towards the race of women you glorify.

Today's headline news is focused on non-black women glorifying prostitution. They are "ghetto" opportunist and bm. You don't see black women currently appearing on tv bragging about sleeping with senators presidents etc.

My boyfriend said it well "why would I want an imitation when I can get the real thing". His preference as well as my male friends are black only.

Carmen SanDiego said...

white women love to make up shit so black women can get all riled up to attack chris! pussy is pussy! all of its pink (if you are not infected) chris loves his wife and he will NEVER leave her for you dog smelling animal fucking grey whores!

Anonymous said...

Dude is a liar and a piece of work... too bad for his wife staying with him,I know for a fact that he steps out on his wife because I know a woman he communicates, sends pics to and goes out for dinner and drinks, amongst other things. He's exposed and a dummy....

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