Friday, August 5, 2011

Did Madame Mona Burn Larry Johnson?

Did former football star turned celebrity DJ Larry Johnson receive the gift that keeps on giving from a Canadian working girl?

HSK Exclusive - NFL player Larry Johnson was accused back in 2008 by a Floridian woman who claimed the professional athlete gave her herpes and guess what? I’m told Larry Johnson contracted his herpes from a Canadian prostitute. Don’t believe me? Ask Madame “Ladyluck” Halem.

Here’s what an insider had to say:

“I can’t say her name because they’ll know where it’s coming from but one of Mona’s escorts gave Larry Johnson herpes. Mona is a cool chic but she got some dirty bitches working for her.”

This is old news but there’s been warnings all over the internet.

If you’re a TRICK that’s traveling to Toronto Canada be careful when you order a prostitute from Madame Mona’s escort service. Know why? Because if you were to order the wrong girl from Madame Mona’s escort service you will need a prescription of Valtrex. Don’t believe me? Ask Mya. Know why? Because Mya was one of Larry Johnson’s jump off’s mane.

I contacted Madame Mona for comment, she had this to say:

Hi Jacky, the answer to this very crazy unbelievable question is of course not! I don’t have ‘girls’ and my friends are not hoes!

Its pretty sad that i have been in this industry now for many years. I have thrown many many successful events, just like any other promoter in this city who are all MALE.

They don’t get accused of such horrible things!I started my business 10 years ago, after graduating University, it is very difficult for me to read or hear an article that tarnishes my name and dismisses my years of hard work building a successful legitimate company.

For your information I have no idea who Larry Johnson is.
Jacked from Diary of a Hollywood Street King


Anonymous said...

Oi thought larry was playing ball still, if Plaxico can come back why not larry?

Why isn't jay-Z taking care of his boy?

Anonymous said...

Larry ain't never been right even when he was playing ball. I believe this.

Anonymous said...

This fella ain't straight in his head or his pants.

Anonymous said...

oh please he beenn burnt for along time this ish aint new...and he's burn a plenty ladies any chick he been lick to have his herpes like mike vicks lady!!!

Anonymous said...

the woman who caught his herpes was a rich cuban chick not a sister,thank goodness!!!!

Anonymous said...

ummm we are forgetting that jay z and larry johnson were rumored to be more than just roommates and jay z even chastised larry for being in fantasia's when i see you video. larry has herpes...jat z has herpes...rihanna contracted herpes and passed it to chris brown which was the reason he beat her ass that night...its the gift that keep on giving in that nasty ass industry

Anonymous said...

^^^That makes sense which is why Bey won't let him raw dog and give her some camel pups.

flwrgurl said...

CO-SIGN @5:30

Anonymous said...

you can get herpes even if you wear a's spread by skin to skin contact not vaginal or seminal fluid.

Ihateignorantcomments said...

@4:56pm. Seriously? You're glad it wasn't a "sister"? Well, let me assure you, I'm 100% positive there are plenty of "sisters" out there with herpes. Stupid ass.

@11:39pm. LMFAO!! Camel pups.

Anonymous said...

@2:31: don't you mean HPV on that one?

@4:56: lots of sistahs have herpes.

Anonymous said...

@11:39 PM
That is an intriguing assertion. Is Jay-Z hitting Beyonce raw? Is this a complete sham marriage with Jay-Z getting side pieces? Did Beyonce overestimate how deep Jay-Z's money is?
She's making more than he is right now.

Anonymous said...

yeah some sistas have herpes but most athletes really don't sleep with alot of sistas and sistas are dealing with enough,dont need no more ish!!

Anonymous said...

beyonce has herpes to don't get it twisted im sure dhe didnt know in the beginng of the relationship whe he was beating and eating that out!!

Anonymous said...

^^^i meant she (beyonce)didn't know

Anonymous said...

@1:49 and 10:28 I'm glad it wasn't a sister either.FUCK YOU! I don't wish bad things on my people.

I'm glad the he has a non black preference so that my sisters won't get it from him.

Anonymous said...

Thank you @12:00 the anti black racism of black athletes is a blessing for the sistahs.Let them give those other chicks the money and EVERYTHING ELSE that comes with it.

Not hating, but I am glad they don't prefer us.Like you said we got enough shit to deal with

Anonymous said...

i live in Toronto and been to parties out on by here , actually anyone can she has weekly club events at the best clubs in Toronto , but there are always a lot of hot Indian , Spanish , Caribbean women there , more then average , i dont think they are prostitutes just groupies going where ballers go

Anonymous said...

Man, can we quit with the hate towards black athletes or black males in general just because the woman on their arm is not black ? There isn't any racism in that matter as far as I can see.Love has no color anyway.You're gonna date whomever you connect with, fornicate with whomever you're attracted to, and marry whomever makes you the happiest(at the time). Besides, just because you're a member of any ethnic group , does NOT mean you connect with that group. It's just like some people's families, I know some people feel like they're adopted when they're around their own family. Also, y' all know people are cruel as a whole, if you're not doing the status quo things that a group does, you're gonna be ostracized from it. If you're a black woman who doesn't dress like most black women, you might as well have a third eye because that's how other black women are gonna look at you. You get in where you fit it, bottom line. It's things like this is why I don't see race hardly ever. I see myself as a human male first and foremost. I see other people as only people b/c it race is just a label to keep people segregated in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

9:45 But that is NOT love.If those athletes were in love so many of their marriages would not end in divorce.Many of them spend most of their careers and even when they retire doing foul sh*t to the women they "love"

Also the hate is the other way around.No way in hell a majority of black dudes get money and as soon as they get money and anything else of value their preferences for non black women are made known to the world.And the biggest reason you know that black men athletes are racist haters is BECAUSE THEY SAY SO. SEE:ALBERT HAYNESWORTH AND MANY MANY OTHER BLACK MEN WHO HAVE UNJUSTLY HATED ON BLACK WOMEN.

If nothing else you should believe what a person SAYS OUT OF HIS OWN MOUTH.

Black on black racism exists.It is what it is.

Even white people see it.For you to deny it only goes to show that perhaps you are embarrassed by it, but your embarrassment won't change the truth of the matter

Anonymous said...

@ 12:12 Am : It really doesn't matter to me if its love or not because it's none of my business anyway. It isn't yours or anyone else's either.Besides, black couples fail a lot too. Love can't and won't save every relationship anyway. People kill me getting involved in and getting bothered by stuff that that is of no consequence to them. Every time this situation occurs you hear usually a black women mad b/c some athlete or dude said he'd doesn't favor black women as romantic partners. Most of the time, these cats don't even know these women exist, so they aren't even thinking about them. I see no reason to pine away for the affections of someone who doesn't even recognize my existence.Then the females want to act like they aren't hating or pretend like they don't care. (side eye) Yeah, right. Most of the time when people say, " I aint tryna hate, " they ARE hating. IF they weren't, they wouldn't feel they have to clarify they're not trying to hate or rationalize why they find fault with the matter without being formally asked. Also, when people say they don't care about something but bring the subject up all the time. Yea, you see where that story starts getting hard to believe ? So there MUST be some type over hating going between both sides or at least some resentment. Bottom line, Albert Haynesworth is an asshole who don't know you anyway, so why give a damn what he has to say just cause he's black ? That's foolish because expecting people who don't know you or had no prior connection to you before getting on to be some type of role model is just asking way too much of them. Black folks need to quit trying to turn LeBron James and Jay-Z into Jesus. We put way too much faith in black famous people. They don't owe you or I nothing because we probably didn't help them get put on. I am my own role model, so it don't really hurt me none when black celebs do something stupid. I put no faith in others especially when I know I could do their job better because when the chips are down, you can only count on YOU.
PS: I know black on black racism exists and yes, I am embarrassed by it because it shouldn't happen in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Don't care if you're white, black, green, male female, whoever the @#** you are. Continue to speak the truth and continue to educate. Well said.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

@12:52 albert haynesworth also was accused of sexually harassing a black woman as well as numerous other evil things.

Your problem is you'd like to make equal the hate that black men show for black women,with black women hating on black men.Unfortunately for you the numbers are not in your favor for such an argument.

People will automatically believe that black men hate black women just looking at the statistics and numbers.It seems black men give black women whatever is bad and when they get money they give non black women something that is helpful.

Everyone sees this.Everyone knows.This is something that is out in the open.It is what it is.But the hatred that black women get from black men is real and more prevalent than the other way around.Anyone with open eyes can see it.

Anonymous said...

@ 5:40 PM : The way you responded betrayed you.When people really don't care, they don't even bring the issue up. You know when people hate on others, you can hear/ see it in their responses even when they try to deny their harsh feelings.Almost to the point you can smell the sour on their breath. It's like if me and you hypothetically were dating. We brake up after some time. If I were to talk all this yin-yang towards you afterwards like I never cared about you in the first place. You're really gonna think I'm on some real delusional type shit just trying to protect my ego. You can't hide what's in your heart no matter what you do.

@ 5:49 PM: Naw, it's not like that at all. I'm not trying to rationalize or justify the hate on either side. I'm just trying to show its' beyond stupid from your point of view.Again, Albert Haynesworth doesn't know you and has probably never had a thought about you in life. So, I see no reason for you to feel any kind of way about him, regardless of his past deeds. YOU'RE the bigger fool if you let stupid individuals get under your skin. You aren't hurting him at all if you're cursing his name. He still (for now) getting to the money ,you'd probably like to have for yourself. Also, the stats don't hurt my argument at all. You said yourself that black women hating on black men exists.That's really all I need to prove to make my argument stick. I don't need to prove how prevalent a problem is to be able to say there is a problem. It's like if I see roaches in your house. It doesn't matter if there is one or one thousand, it's still a nasty problem and you need to get an exterminator.

Anonymous said...

Most black athletes and men with money are married to black women. Stop spreading the propaganda.

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