Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Reunited?

Jennifer Lopez and her estranged husband Marc Anthony were spotted together in Southhampton. Could a reconciliation be on the horizon?
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's separation has taken a back seat.

Nearly a month after the couple split, the two singers were spotted basking in the Long Island sun near Sagg Main Beach in Southampton ... inside a red Mustang convertible.
No explanation yet for the unexpected reunion today -- but Marc's rep tells TMZ, he was on the East Coast visiting his children.

5:32 PM: A rep for J.Lo tells TMZ, "They are NOT back together -- they were just visiting each other and the children."
Jacked from TMZ 


Anonymous said...

This looks really staged. What celeb rents a convertible on a good day let alone after they announce a divorce and imply that their husband verbally abused them?

Anonymous said...

This nasty, slutty bitch wants to act like she is trying to be civil with Marc Anthony. She just got through fucking Puffy. She will have her nasty ass back on the prowl.

Marc Anthony use to tax that ass when this nasty bitch use to get out of hand. She tried him like she would try the others and it didn't work.

_-__♥►•♔══☆24hrCelebrityGossip/IG -*-☆══♔♥ said...

*PAUSE*...........★═╬► Delusional Muskrat ★ ⓕiⓛes

#Ratatouille TAMAR...

Anonymous said...

3:54 Marc Anthony's ex wife.

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