Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rihanna Lights Up on J. Cole's Video Set

Rihanna was spotted puffing a big fat cigar on the set of J Cole's new video.

Curry Goat was puffing a tough cigar on the set of J. Cole’s “Can’t Get Enough” video this past Sunday in Barbados. The singer is currently on a small break from her Cole-assisted LOUD tour, which just wrapped up on the island. Jesus has finally sprinkled blessings atop Rihanna’s head and brought her a normal hairdo. Praises due to The Father.

The Vibrating Doberman: Trey Songz, who is featured on the record, also appeared on set for the video. More photos below courtesy of the

Jacked from Kid Fury


Anonymous said...

Ya girl, we got de finest splif on de' island ya know (Jamaican accent)?

Anonymous said...

She's young and dumb!

Anonymous said...

Why they gotta call her curry goat?? And why is everyone so interested in the cigar? Could it really not just be tobacco? This girl can't take a shit without people tryna see the color.

Anonymous said...


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