Thursday, November 22, 2012

Nicki Minaj Suffers Nip Slip on 106 and Park

Nicki Minaj had an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction on BET's 106 and Park.

NICKI Minaj gave TV viewers in the US more than they’d bargained for when her extravagant bra drifted south to expose her left nipple.
She was appearing on chart show 106 & Park when the wardrobe blunder caught the rapper off guard.
Nicki smiled as she answered questions into a microphone and promoted new album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, unaware that one of her lady parts had popped out to say hello.
It’s not the first time the pop star has revealed too much on air.
Last year, the singer suffered similar over-exposure when she was performing on TV show Good Morning America.
Meanwhile, Nicki has quashed reports she’s planning to record a duet with her American Idol rival Mariah Carey.
She stoked rumours herself when she publicly approved the idea of a collaboration, saying: If she’ll have me, I’ll be there waiting.”
However, she insisted yesterday that her comments had been in jest.
Nicki said: "I was kidding... I mean, no.”
Jacked from The Sun 


Anonymous said...

Wow what a slut bag....Who flashes themselves to children and people innocently watching GMA.

Anonymous said...

Shit that ain't nothing ! They got men kissing men on network TV now it's a joke . We've really lost something as a society .

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