Thursday, November 22, 2012

No Doubt Single Sells Less Than 1000 Copies

No Doubt's latest single 'Looking Hot' sold a measly 680 copies.
No Doubt's latest single Looking Hot has well and truly bombed, having sold just 680 copies in its first week of release in the UK. The second single to be taken the band's comeback album Push and Shove reached No 397 on the singles chart, some 1,500 copies short of breaking into the Top 200, reports
It's an odd result, given the relative popularity of singer Gwen Stefani and the group's recent performance on The X Factor, which usually lifts an artist's sales by around 300 per cent. The album peaked at No.16 in the chart, selling less than 7,000 copies while first single Settle Down reached No.85. Essentially, it's been a disastrous comeback for the group, who were criticised for their video for Looking Hot, which depicted Gwen Stefani as a Native American squaw dancing in a tepee. The band apologised for any offence and pulled the clip. It could go towards explaining the single's poor performance, and Last.FM say 28,000 people have "scrobbled" the song, which has clocked 117,000 plays. It's likely that fans are playing the songs on streaming services such as Spotify, rather than downloading and listening on iTunes.
Though the band has made its millions over the years, its recent chart performance will disappoint Stefani and company. She's probably rueing the decision to pull the plug on her hugely successful solo career and reunite with her old pals.
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Anonymous said...

Ouch! I guess the 8 year olds who followed Gwen and No Doubt back in the day have grown up now.

♫♥☆♪MoN!QU3♫♥☆♪ said...

8o oh dear

Anonymous said...

no it's Gwen's fault.They have been going th her hip hop pop sound of music instead of songs like The Climb and Don't Speak that we came to love No Doubt for.

Gwen's brother and the guy in the group she dated were the one's cranking out the hit Alernative songs.Gwen tries to be a pop artist.

Anonymous said...

Wow Number 397? I didn't know Billboard's sub-charting went that low. That's a HUUUUGE disappointment considering how popular and successful NoDoubt was.

Well, everyone has their time in the sun, anyway.

Anonymous said...

trouble in paradise

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