Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Probation Revoked

Lindsay Lohan is facing jail time after having her probation revoked for lying to police.
Lindsay Lohan's probation has been revoked again.
The 26-year-old actress was arraigned in California today on misdemeanor charges for lying to police, driving recklessly, and obstructing an officer from doing his duties after she crashed her Porsche on the Pacific Coast Highway in June.
Commissioner Jane Godfrey revoked Lohan's informal probation from her 2011 necklace theft case and set a probation violation hearing for Jan. 15. If Godfrey decides Lohan did violate her probation, she could face 245 days in jail.
Lohan did not appear in court. She was represented by her longtime lawyer Shawn Holley, who did not respond to's requests for comment.
Lohan's legal troubles boiled over again last month. She was arrested on Nov. 29 after a New York City bar brawl in which she allegedly punched a Palm Beach psychic. She faces a misdemeanor assault charge in that case.
Later that day, she was charged with three misdemeanors from the Porsche crash.
Jacked from ABC News


Anonymous said...

Lindsay looks tired and beatened in that picture above. She has an air of sadness in her face and eyes that I have never seen before. Maybe it's the botox etc.

God please help this girl find her way out of her dark spiral. Help her find solid ground and into the light of true happiness. I don't think she'll find it in Hellyweird.

Anonymous said...

All I wanna hear is the cell door close behind her for at least a year. This broad does whatever she damn well pleases. If she had a nappy head or hershey skin they woulda put her ass under the jail. If they wanna help her, they need to lock her up and make her reflect on her life for a spell. Makes no sense the law lets her get away with everything, while common folk that do half the shit she does get dealt with.

Anonymous said...


Yeap, this bish is long overdue. If I can do 5 days in Atlanta city jail for traffic offenses then this heifer can do her time as well. No more slaps on the wrist, let her serve some real time. That's the only thing that' going to turn her sad life around.

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