Thursday, January 10, 2013

Justin Bieber Upsets Hotel Guests with Pot Smoke

Justin Bieber's pot use is becoming a bigger and bigger issue for the pop star's handlers.
Justin Bieber is battling to keep his squeaky-clean image after he was caught up in a pot scandal following a picture of him smoking a suspicious-looking roll-up.
We’re told that while he was just pictured with an alleged blunt in his hands, guests at the posh Carlyle Hotel on the Upper East Side recently complained to management about “a strong smell” emanating from rooms they believed were booked for Bieber and his group on the ninth floor.
Some guests at the luxurious Carlyle were asked to change floors because of smoke in the hallways while Bieber was staying in New York to perform at the Victoria’s Secret catwalk show in November, sources told Page Six.
Jacked from Page Six


Anonymous said...

LMAO beiber likes tha sticky icky hunh??

nba is fixed said...

Today he is smoking pot. Soon he will be smoking cocaine or crack. By then he will be a broke washed up has been, similar to Aaron Carter.

Anonymous said...

yeh he will be smoking synthetics soon. Another trainwreck coming.

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