Friday, February 15, 2013

Beyonce and Justin Timberlake to Perform on Easter

According to leaked reports Beyonce and Justin Timberlake will perform together in London on Easter Sunday.

BEYONCE and Justin Timberlake could be lined up to headline an intimate gig in London to mark Easter Sunday.
The global pop superstar's are rumoured to be set to perform to a tiny crowd of around 500 lucky fans at The Garage in Islington next month.
Rumours of the concert have been circulating on the internet after artist tracking website Songkick posted details of the event online before swiftly removing them.
The posting on the site which allows fans to closely follow all activity by their favourite music acts meant the information was also tweeted the details to 634 followers of the @KickAlert account.
And it seems fans of the US chart-toppers have also caught wind of the possible show.
One excitedly posted what appeared to be an invite to the bash on another social networking site following the seemingly premature announcement.
Beyonce and Justin have openly been spending time in the recording studio together recently as they work on their upcoming albums.
Jacked from The Sun


Anonymous said...

Fuck Beyonce, Fuck JT.

Anonymous said...

Beyonce looked ravishingly stunning at the grammys & she was hilarious with Ellen.

I guess Bey must need him since according to him, hes saving & bringing R & B back.

Just because a handful of black people like his music. Hes saving R&b. Just like when eminem came out, since blacks liked him, he suddenly became the best rapper ever. White artists get so full of themselves & overly confident when black people like their music.

I think Kanye .has been replaced with Justin & whats her name.

Anonymous said...

And at the end of the set, is JT gonna expose Bey's titties and end her career, too? Or maybe he's too scared of Jay-Z to do that.

Anonymous said...

Its obvious Bey wants to be white since she married a white man and has a mulatto baby. Talks like a white woman with a squeaky voice, dances like a white woman & seriously desires to be anorexic with a flat ass.

Bey is too strong, white women are weak & they fuck dogs. Bey does not like dogs.

Anonymous said...

Black women who want to be white do not Marry black men and want to raise black children. especially ones that have as much confidence as Bey.

Anonymous said...

Its ironic JT tryna be black , Bey tryna be white
FEBRUARY 16, 2013 AT 12:59 AM

EXACTLY! But notice when sh*t hits the fan he turns back into his country white self and she turns back into a 5th ward hoodrat.

Anonymous said...

This two puppets for the TPTB better sing, dance,do flip flop somersaults, bend over, spead eagle, and suck hard when their Masters tell them to! They don't want to end up like Whitney, Michael, Amy, and as late, Mindy McCready!

Anonymous said...

That's spread eagle.

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