Friday, February 15, 2013

Janice Dickinson Slams Jewelry Theft Rumors

Former model Janice Dickinson hits back at rumors she walked away with $20,000 in jewelry from a fashion show. 

Reality star Janice Dickinson found herself in the middle of a real-life crime scandal when a jewelry designer accused her of stealing $20,000 of gems, but she exclusively tells the whole thing was just a huge misunderstanding.
“If I were to steal jewelry I would go to Harry Winston, I wouldn’t mess around with cheap jewelry, and it was really cheap!” the self-proclaimed world’s first supermodel told in an exclusive interview.
“It is way beneath me. I wear expensive, real jewelry. I don’t know what that s**t is but I am not going to steal it.”
The confusion occurred when Dickinson participated in a runway showbenefit, The Reality of FASHION The Reality of AIDS, in New York City on Saturday, but after walking the catwalk she allegedly strutted out wearing the loaned sparklers from brand Effy, which infuriated the organizers.
“I left in a hurry and didn’t even realize I had a couple of bangles and a couple of rings on still,” the America’s Next Top Model judge explained to
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Anonymous said...

Janice Dickinson is a vile, awful, unlikable human being. She got busted, and that was her bullshit way of trying to save insulting the very jewelry she GOT CAUGHT STEALING!

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