Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes Fighting in Public

Brandi Glanville blasts LeAnn Rimes and ex-husband Eddie Cibrian on Twitter.

Nothing is routine when it comes to adversaries LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville, and their never-ending feud has erupted in public again, is reporting.
Showing that the well of bad feelings will never run dry, Brandi and LeAnn sniped at each other again over Brandi’s sons on Monday night.
And, to make matters more interesting, it happened right after LeAnn told the world that her stepsons were singing a line from her new album – a verse many believe is about the singer’s affair with Brandi’s then-husband Eddie Cibrian!
“Ive been trying to get a hold of my kids 4 over an hour no response to my calls, emails or messages. Maybe twitter will work,” Brandi tweeted on Monday, approximately 8 pm PT. She addressed the tweet to Eddie.
Unusual? Absolutely. And of course it provoked a response from LeAnn – a public response.
As the twitterverse joined in and pointed out that Eddie rarely is on Twitter, LeAnn sent this message for Brandi and the rest of us to see:
“Funny, she just got off the phone w/ them. Sorry, we were doing baths, homework & dinner. All good!” It didn’t end there, of course, with LeAnn also adding: “the phone rang, I picked it up. Never saw this til after. All you gotta do is call.”
The singer has previously been urged by people close to her to cut back her involvement with people on Twitter and is suing a school teacher who was a twitter critic.
Yet, she still kept the topic alive Monday after Brandi dropped it publicly, with yet another tweet: “no drama when the truth is told. Cool! Done! Nothing to it!”
Some people believe LeAnn’s previous tweet about Brandi’s sons Mason and Jake singing a line from her new album Spitfire was sure to rile up Brandi.
“They walk around singing “I don’t want to give you back.” It’s the hooks” LeAnn tweeted.
Many pointed out that the song in question certainly could be about LeAnn’s affair with Eddie while he was married to Brandi.
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Anonymous said...


Brandi slap the bitch already or just shut the hell up. All this back and forth is just childish and immature. The man left you for her so let her reap what she has sown. As soon as he has spent up all her money he will be on to the next chick any damn way.

Anonymous said...

LeAnn must keep Radar on the payroll. How do you try to make Brandi look bad by saying HER children are singing the song their stepmother
wrote about her affair with their father? It's already been said that Eddie has another chick on the side (and I see he's in the new Best Man movie as Nia Long's man). I don't think LeAnn will let him go, even if he's cheating on her. She's dickmatized and she doesn't want to look stupid.

Anonymous said...

LeAnn is like every other homewrecker she thinks that she has a prize but life does go on plus Leann breaks down easily.

Anonymous said...

Brandi needs some serious counseling. How long is she gonna drag this out? Dude LEFT YOU! LeeAnn couldn't do it by herself. Start the healing process already

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