Friday, May 24, 2013

Chief Keef Threatens to Smack Katy Perry

After Katy Perry criticized Chief Keef's new single, Keef threatens to smack the sh!t out of her.   
Chief Keef is no stranger to criticism. Whether it’s for his brash and violent lyrics or ongoing legal woes, you have to figure the 17-year old Chicago rap star has heard it all. Still, that doesn’t mean that Sosa was just going to let a Katy Perry jab zip passed without addressing it.
Days after Perry expressed her distaste for Keef’s "Hate Bein’ Sober" single, the Finally Rich rapper had a few choice words for the pop star. "Dat b--ch Katy Perry Can Suck Skin Off Of my D--k," Keef wrote on Twitter on Thursday (May 23). "Ill Smack The Sh-- out her."
Though he caught on late, the GBE rapper’s tweets was in response to a message Perry sent out back on Tuesday. "Just head a new song on the radio called ‘I hate being sober’ I now have serious doubt for the world," she messaged on Twitter.
Keef seems to be so put off by Perry’s message that he plans to take things into the studio and record a new dis track aimed at the "Wide Awake" singer. "New Song Katy Perry Coming Soon," he wrote.
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Anonymous said...

White women love to play victim. if you can't take the heat, don't criticize. Keep your mouth closed.

Every time some white inbred women wants to talk shit, black people are just supposed to take it with a grain of salt & say nothing. Or else they feel threatened.

At least he apologized.

Anonymous said...

Rappers are so bottom of the barrel now days. Really so because Katy doesn't like his song he threatened her and is making a diss record. REALLY?!... A diss record for a pop star, has rap sunken that low? Whether she's black, white, male, female it's not like she told any lies chief keef makes horrible music, if you can even call it that.

Anonymous said...


Who cares if he makes shitty music? he still has a right to defend himself against an inbred any time hes criticized.

He simply said he would slap the shit out of her. How is that a threat? In so many words, he meant "Fuck you Katy".

Stupid white bitches!
White inbreds think everything is a threat. Just keep your inbred mouths closed & stop talking shit. if you are brave enough to criticize. don't act like a victim when black people respond to your diss. I been sick of inbreds for quite some time now. I wish they would disappear off the face of the earth..

Anonymous said...

2:00 Go sit in a corner, how is saying he would physically put his hands on a woman a threat? Is that a serious question. I can't believe black people support such ignorance. Katy has free speech on her side she can voice her opinion about a song if she damn well pleases. Threatening to physically do harm to her because of her opinion however is actually against the law, plus with Chief Keefs violent ghetto past its believeble that he actually meant if he ever saw her he would smack her, so that's #1

2 of course you are biased because you yourself are racist. So because Katy is white shes not allowed to have an opinion. So had she been a black artist then and only then chief keef would've been out of line? You sound just as ignorant and foolish as chief keef.

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is why is Katy Perry so concerned about this silly little rapper & this particular song. If Black people are not paying any attention to this silly rapper and his silly songs, then why is she!! I can think of a thousand songs, rap, rock, hip hop, pop etc. that are horrible!! Katy focus on your boyfriend (if you can find him) John Mayer!!

Anonymous said...


uncle tomicina,

You're always here to defend anything inbreds do. What are you the NSPDI national spokesperson for defension of inbreds?

I can barely make a comment about these white devils without your input. I know thats your comments on those other posts responding to me. I'd recognize your uncle tomicina ass anywhere.

If it had been a black artist that criticized him, he/she would expect negative feedback.


You are so wise.

Anonymous said...


uncle tomicina that comment reeks of your alter ego inbred RETARD. Trying to appear intelligent.

Anonymous said...

comments for 2:21 not 2:00

Anonymous said...

"I can barely make a comment about these white devils without your input."

um bitch check the facts my first comment was not directed at you. You were the one who addressed me 1st and all I did was respond. You're obviously the one who is mad and can't handle the fact that someone had a different opinion than you.

Anonymous said...

I love how when Keyshia Cole shared her opinion about that bow down song by beyonce everyone was cheering her on and cosigning. Katy shares her opinion about this hood trash and people are mad?...

LOL you just gotta love the hypocrisy of ignorant ghetto peons.

Anonymous said...


Everybody shared a negative opinion about bow down bitch. Bey never responds to anyone.

Whitey just needs to keep his/her mouth shut. keep your inbred opinions about black people to yourselves white trash.

Don't talk so much shit if you're gonna get scard of the consequences white devils!!

Go somewhere & tongue kiss your dog & stop worrying bout what black people are doing.

Anonymous said...


My comment was the first one, then you made references to my comment dumbass. Then i responded.

I can handle anything except for inbreds talking shit, then acting like scard victims. Its enough to make me walk up to a white inbred and PUKE in their face.

Anonymous said...

Nobody said how he is guilty of killing another kid i Chicago and now is famous. So murder, not sober and stupid is the new rap songs. I turned the radio off years ago. Rap is dead. RIP Biggie& Tupac!!!!

Anonymous said...

8:32 you know how black folks will do. They will make excuses and defend, murderers, drug dealers, & abusers if they are black and will be mad if someone who isn't black has an opinion. Anyone who co-signs ignorance of their own people do not deserve to be taken seriously. End of discussion.

Anonymous said...


Not to mention wasn't there a video released earlier this year on world star of him egging on somebody in his crew beating the shit out of a woman in her apartment?

Anonymous said...


Oh please. Don't give me that black folk make excuses for black people bullshit!

White devils are the #1 murdering child molesting beastiality lying about history. abominal race on the planet.

All you people do is mass murder steal land COPY everything creative black people do FUCK IT UP & turn it into caucasian bullshit. then claim as your own.
You have no culture. Nothing but a bunch of SICK rapidly aging copycat pale birdshit skin EVIL Dance like your bones are broken. believe you are the only race of people that deserve happiness,

always need to be the center of attention, tongue kiss have sex with animals,act like black people don't have feelings, but we should have compassion for whitey at all times.

talk too much shit, but then wanna act like victims. FUCK anything with a heartbeat STEALING ALL THE BLACK MEN cause your own white men are feminine chicken shit scared bitches..

It is time for you inbreds TO GO. You have been here fucking up the earth for too long.

That 911 shit was an inside job. You peckerwoods killed all those people ... YOU'RE JUST PLAIN EVIL!!

Anonymous said...


Why the hell are you so worried about black people??There are plenty of inbreds beating up women. You don't see black people worrying about that. You don't care about a black woman getting beat you just wanna bash black people you racist NAZI

You need to worry about how to stop your white race of people from fucking.animals & molesting your children at alarming rates. Instead of worrying about a rapper. WHITE DEVIL! Thats why your white race is dying out!!

When you peckerwoods are gone from earth. All the other races of people will DANCE in the streets!! I hope I'm alive for that glorious day!!!

Anonymous said...

Find out who signed this idiot rapper and let them know this garbage will not be tolerated

Anonymous said...


Shut up INBRED!

You inbreds tolerate black men at an alarming rate. It is so easy for black men to fuck inbred white bitches. Its easy as waking up in the morning.

Hes probably had plenty of dumbass white bitchs on his arm cause they are nothing but EASY ho's!!!!

Katy Perry was scard she was gonna get the dog shit slapped out of her INBREDDED ass thats why she apologized. Dumb useless dogfucker.

Anonymous said...

Peace! I'm shaking my head at the ignorance required to embody this much hatred.

Fact: devil = doer of evil or one that does evil. Black devils and white devils. Do NOT be a "devil".

The duty of the civilized is to civilize the uncivilized.


Anonymous said...


Whats so civilized about acting like you inbreds are the only race of people that deserve happiness??!! Racial profiling ring a bell??..

Yeah thats all you better do is shake your INBRED head cause you know everything I'm saying is true WHITE DEVIL!!

You were born a white DEVIL & WIILL DIE A WHITE DEVIL!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't even know how this misguided kid even got a record deal let alone is allowed to spew his ignorance. Katy should just fall back and keep it moving. No need to worry about this little boy. I'm so tired of White heads of the record labels promoting such ignorance and degradation of Black people through these ignorant ass rappers.

Anonymous said...


I don't know how most artist of today got record deals including Katy Perry. Don't know why she gets to spew her ignoranceShe sings like shit!

Anonymous said...


The original man (blackman) is God.

I know YOU can't teach something YOU have not studied. Research the science of everything in life, from A-Z "astronomy-zoology".

Teach righteousness to all the human families of the planet earth, and build on knowledge using love as a motivating factor. Destroy ignorance! Your hatred is harming you more than those you harbor it for.

Inspire someone today! It will make you feel better, and "U.E.N.O."


Anonymous said...


So its hatred when whitey is being attacked.

But its perfectly NORMAL and okay to attack all the black people celebrities on this site & other sites. As long as we only attack black people we don't get these lectures like yours.

Your a little protective of white people. next time Bey or a black person is being attacked please don't forget to post your comment on hatred & inspiration...


Anonymous said...

No it is not ok!

You continue to make this a black versus white issue. Rather than righteousness versus devilishment. Actions are what identify the divine, and the undivine.

All black people are not righteous nor are all white people all wicked. What have they said and/or done is the question.

If you did not know already by nature those "devils" will naturally become nonexistent. People of color collectively are the majority. Those not of color are the minority.

Be positive! Teach the BABIES! Smile! Never give up!


Anonymous said...


You are missing my points. I never once said all blacks are righteous. You need to read with understanding!!! I'm just saying black coons & uncletoms/tomicinas need to give it a rest with the house nigger mentality,. Its sickening.

Are you gonna post one of your lectures on a post where a black person is being condemned? You probably wouldn't feel comfortable doing that huh?

Whitey always gets the benefit of the dought, but black people are harshley ridiculed and always bashed on websites like we are GUILTY until proven GUILTY

Whitey is INNOCENT until proven GUILTY, then usually proven INNOCENT..

Thats why there are more blacks in prison than whiteys. its because white inbreds get away with everything they do. They barely go to prison or jail for their crimes.

I'll be positive when Uncle toms/tomicinas stop sucking whitey nuts & stop being the white mans pets.

Anonymous said...


Young black people of this generation are so whitewashed, they live and breath to kiss white ass.

There was a time when black people were proud to be black. Not anymore. Its over..All they want is half breed children & to please white folk!!

Sign of the times!!

Anonymous said...

Positive thinking only last has long as you are thinking positive!

I am all to familiar with the social injustice, racism, police brutality, and other forms of discrimination that all people of color experience globally.

Being the revolutionary that I am understand the revolution must begin in the mind first! Change a persons way of thinking, change a persons life. Focus on the mental. Knowledge plus wisdom equals understanding! And love plus peace will bring happiness.

Think about it!


Anonymous said...


Are you gonna post your lecture on a post where a black celebrity or person is being ridiculed??? Cause if you only want to comment,preach positivity & lecture when a whitey is being attacked then your words & you are USELESS to black people!!

Whats the use of you being aware of social injustices when you only care when whitey is ridiculed???

Think about it!

Anonymous said...

I question the intelligence of anyone who supports Chief Keef.

Anonymous said...


I support equality for all black people, including Chief Keef. You are not smart enough to even understand what you read. Why are you on the internet RETARD?

I support black peoples right to respond when a PECKERWOOD, WHITE INBRED wants to act like a victim when they talk shit about blacks

If inbreds want to talk shit , don't play the victim. I'd like to slap her myself.

If he had criticized her ass & she said she was gonna SMACK him all you bitchs ucle toms/tomicinas would have CHEERED HER ON..

Different set of rules for whitey..

Anonymous said...

I speak truth to empower! Black, white, and all shades between are subject to inquiry.

I personally would like to extend you the invitation to join the team of "Pro-Righteousness" challenging all the evil wrong-doers of the planet.

Two wrongs do not make a right!

What kind of leadership example are you setting promoting the violence of "guys beating up girls"?

Anonymous said...


You're an idiot!

I care about black people & other races of people EXCLUDING whitey!!

Can you read with understanding? I guess not.

You can try & TWIST my words all you want, doesn't change the fact that whitey inbreds are self righteous DEVILS & believe the world revolves around them.

i promote the right for WHITEY to mind his business & stop worrying about what black people are doing & to stop acting like innocent victims all the time. Nothing about an INBRED is INNOCENT!!

I'd threaten to SMACK KATY to if she talked shit about me. Cause white people are the DEVIL!!

I'll be glad when they are EXTINCT1!!...

Anonymous said...


"guys beating up girls" You mean "guys beating up white girls" don't you??!!

You wouldn't even care if he was talking about smacking a black girl.

Your comment would not even have made it on this post.

Anonymous said...

Misery loves company, and through your commentary you seem miserable. Maturation is a beautiful thing.

I wish you the best of luck on all your future endeavors. Be well.

yours truly,

Positive Thinking Blackman

Anonymous said...

please ignore the black supremacist coon up in here. He/She is just a negro version of the KKK.

Anonymous said...

BTW, I'm 1:26

I'm not retarded

But Chief Queef is

And so is your backwards thinking. Idgaf about black and white. No man needs to threaten physical attacks against a harmless woman. He's scum, and fuck you.

Anonymous said...

(5:48 cont) Finally, wtf are you getting your panties in a twist for?

She didn't threaten to lynch or hang him

She just said... his music sucks. And then the fucknut threatens her physically instead of ignoring her mostly useless opinion.

Sometimes it ain't about black and white and you reading too much into it

If most (black) men are supporting fuck shit like this and no-good bums like Queef then I have no hope for ya'll. It's not about "assimilating to whitey", it's about BEING A FUCKING DECENT HUMAN BEING. Anyways, I've wasted my breath on you. Find Jesus and have a nice life.

Anonymous said...

Awww!!! lets all feel sorry for the innocent white woman. We all know whitey inbred women are ALL innocent & harmless!

Maybe he didn't want to ignore her. She should STFU & mind her damn inbred business!

And why do you have to bring lynching & hanging into this. Are you a Nazi or uncle tom/tomicina?

You need Jesus if you think I'm gonna suck up to a whitey inbred. My people are important to me. Who gives a fuck about this dogfucking inbred.

Anonymous said...

I guess we blacks have to love inbreds & let them talk shit to us to be considered DESCENT HUMAN BEINGS.

& we need Jesus if we don't suck up to the WHITE DEVIL!

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