Monday, June 24, 2013

Britney Wants Miley to Teach Her How to Twerk

Pop star Britney Spears turns to Miley Cyrus for Twerk lessons.

Britney Spears has asked Miley Cyrus to teach her how to ''twerk''.
Miley has attracted a lot of attention after performing the dance move, which involves a person shaking, wobbling and bouncing their hips and butt up and down, in hernew video for 'We Can't Stop'.
And it seems Britney was one of the people to notice Miley's twerking skills, and she has messaged the former 'Hannah Montana' star on Twitter to ask for her help in perfecting the skill, Britney, 31, tweeted:
''Loving your new video for #WeCantStop @MileyCyrus! Maybe you can teach me how to twerk sometime LOL ;) xo (sic)''
Miley, 20, re-tweeted Britney's request to her millions of followers, and later posted: ''All I see is LOVE. (sic)''
Britney is not the only famous fan of 'We Can't Stop', with Demi Lovato , Khloe Kardashian Odom and Pete Wentz all championing the release on Twitter.
'We Can't Stop' features Miley - who is in a on/off relationship with Liam Hemsworth - kissing a Barbie doll, spanking her friends' backsides and shows her with a hunk in bed.
The new single is the lead track from Miley's forthcoming album which is to be released later this year.
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Anonymous said...

This is sad.

Anonymous said...

So this white hoe is the "Queen of twerk"? Black people have been twerking for years. Why Britney never asked Ciara or a black dancer to show her. SMFH I can't.

Jami said...

((yawn) Everything we do they steal. Consider it a compliment, folks.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to teach Miley Cyrus how to do it. Just for the record it hard to twerk with no ass.

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