Monday, June 24, 2013

Paula Deen Cancels Appearances

Celebrity chef Paula Deen backs out of TV appearances in the wake of her N-word scandal.

Savannah-based celebrity cook Paula Deen early Friday cancelled an interview set for Friday on "Today," where she was expected to give host Matt Lauer an exclusive interview following her admission she used "the N-word."
The restaurateur and Food TV star admitted to using the N-word, telling racist jokes and planning a wedding with a slavery theme, during a deposition related to a $1.2 million lawsuit brought by former Deen family restaurant manager Lisa Jackson, according to and other media reports.
Jackson claims Deen's brother Bubba sexually harassed her and used the N-word.
NBC News said early Friday that Deen was scheduled to appear on "Today" to discuss the allegations. But when the show started at 7 a.m., "Today" show hosts said Deen's people called to cancel, saying she was exhausted from various obligations.
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Anonymous said...

Paula Deen u said it best..N!**@$ basically raised you and gave you the culinary skill set that made you RICH AND FAMOUS!!! You should be THANKING N!**@$ for giving you your livelyhood!!!

Anonymous said...

Why does the media keep downplaying what this racist butter eatin broad did? She did a whole mess of racist crap, besides say the N-word. They just wanna downplay her actions and make it seem like everything was blown out of proportion. More shit is gonna come out, because she became to lax over the years.

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