Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Child Welfare Investigators Descend on Jackson Estate

Paris Jackson's suicide attempt has triggered a visit from the Child Welfare Department in Calabasas.

Child-welfare investigators descended on the home of Michael Jackson’s family after Paris Jackson’s suicide bid — and were shocked to find that her co-guardian is nearly out of the picture, sources told The Post yesterday.
Cousin T.J. Jackson — who is supposed to be watching the teen and her brothers with their 83-year-old grandma, Katherine — is now living almost two hours away from the family’s Calabasas, Calif., home, sources say.
LA County Child and Family Services agents had no idea that T.J. had flown the coop until they inspected the home hours after Paris scarfed down pills and had to be hospitalized Wednesday.
“They thought he was living around the corner,” a family pal said. “They were totally surprised by this. They’ve said they’re going to need a few days to sort this out.”
The 34-year-old T.J. had been picked last year to be the co-guardian of the late singer’s kids — Paris, 15, Prince, 16 and Blanket, 11 — along with Katherine Jackson, Jacko’s mom.
He was chosen to help Katherine because he is considered responsible and is well liked by all parties and because he lived close by.
He apparently moved out of the area a few months ago and now lives 76 miles away in the town of Corona, according to family sources and property records.
“So the bottom line is we have an 83-year-old woman raising teenagers by herself, and that just won’t fly,” said a close family friend, who said the Jacko estate didn’t know about T.J.’s new home until after Paris’ suicide bid.
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Anonymous said...

Its over for Paris, she thought bad mouthing her Grandmother, Aunts, and the Jacksons name was going to get her freedom when TJ stepped in the picture - hah, he took the money and ran.

Well Paris, it is over - due to your suicide attempt, the executors of Michael Jacksons' estate will now have control of your life and money forever because:

1) The court is is now involved in the investigation of your mental state.
2) You wont be released any time soon because of your 5150 hold.
3) You will continue to be locked away in the psych ward, and the doctors will determine that you are mentally ill, and a danger to yourself and cannot take care of yourself nor your finances. You will need a conservator.
4) The judge will appoint a conservator to monitor every aspect of your life.
5) The judge will appoint an administrator to control all your money, in which you will never see or have access to your trust again.
6) Debbie Rowe will be your conservator for chump change.
7) Katherine will finally have peace of mind and will be able to focus on the other two children.

Paris failed to realize that those executors of Michaels' estate don't give a damn about her or her brothers, they want to make sure that the cash cow is always plentiful with no problems.

Prince Michael is the only smart one, he knew to stay out of the mess Paris started, thats why he gets new cars, his allowance, he gets to live the good life, while Paris is locked up and labeled a mental case. Yep the executors made sure to get her out the picture all together.

I hope Katherine can have less stress and more peace now since those executors will make sure Paris is out of the picture for good, these executors don't like problems as Paris will soon find out.

Anonymous said...

What is the pay off for the Jackson family having to deal with this bullshit?
This girl looks damn near 40 years old.

She just needs to go live with her fat friend on the farm..

I can't believe Janet is gonna allow this inbred to give her mom a heart attack.

Anonymous said...

This is all very sad. And I hate that a child is talked about so cruelly. People act like she ASKED to born and raised/adopted by Michael. She did not choose this family for herself. You may not like her behavior (I certainly don't), but please stop attacking her acting like she's in it for the money. She was born (to WHOMEVER) and Michael Jackson - the dad SHE's known from BIRTH raised her until his death. Stop actling like the child schemed to be born and raised by Michael to get his money. I cannot STAND the way she behaves - she acts like a brat, but acting like she's in it for the money is just wrong.

Anonymous said...


STFU!! Are you gonna cry? There are women with REAL problems in this world.

Whats so sad? She doesn't have any REAL problems. Shes just a selfish BITCH, desperate for attention!

The REAL Jackson grand children aren't behaving like this.. They don't get any attention.

Whitey female inbreds always get sympathy no matter what..

She was not raised by MJ,she was raised by the NANNY. MJ was in his bed doped up on PAIN PILLS!!

I'm tired of people crying & whining over female INBREDS. Other people have feelings & problems. Not just inbreds.

What is it that makes people cry over these female white devils so much? I DON"T GET IT. I guess I never will.

I think black women need care to. Not just these spawns of satan with all their non existent problems..


Anonymous said...

LMAO!! You said it all and then some.

Anonymous said...


Thank you, I appreciate your comment. Glad someone on this site agrees with me.

I would turn that monthly check over to her fat friend Debbie.

This inbred is too much trouble. So why do the jacksons wanna keep dealing with her? She has a mom on a big farm. LET HER ASS GO LIVE WITH THE GUY...

Poor Jackson family. I used to fantasize about being in that family in the late 70s & early 80s before MJ changed his skin color. Now look whats it become. A mockery for some White inbred & shes gonna get all their money.. What an injustice for a iconic black family. Black money put away stewing til a whitey inbred lab rat turns 32....What a shame!!!

Anonymous said...

9:22 Shut your crazy ass up. People are entitled to their damn opinions. Fuck what you are tired of. You don't know the problems ANYONE may face, looney. From your speech, the spawn of satan is you. You are absolutely nuts

Anonymous said...

This child doesn't stand a chance with those crazy and greedy Jacksons.

Anonymous said...



You know I'm right. I can tell by your weak ass comment.

I love you to.

Anonymous said...


" the child doesn't stand a chance"? HEEELLLLLOOO!!!The Jacksons are black. they can only can a monthly check for the lab rat & their not even getting enough. Shes white remember.???

"Greedy jacksons" Its their family fortune, its the lab rat thats greedy,. Stealing black money just cause shes a whitey inbred. Its not fair.

She Has "the complection for the protection" quote,Paul mooney!

the JACKSON FAMILY aren't getting any of THEIR billion dollar fortune thats growing as we speak. ITS ALL going to the 3 laboratory test tubes made in a Jar.

She gets that stolen Jackson money, when shes 32.

Anonymous said...

This selfish inbred has aged 25 years in 4 years. She needs some type of medication to slow her aging down. Its out of control.

Karma for taking the jackson family through all this bullshit.

Anonymous said...

You need the jacket that ties in the back.

Anonymous said...

Any money she gets she is evidently entitled to, psycho. MJ made sure of it. The man himself. As stated before, your delusional ass can stay mad. It is what it is.

Anonymous said...

Why concern yourself about the Jackson family or the kids. You worship a the witch and her petri dish creation. What MJ3 have going on should not bother you in the least.

Anonymous said...


MJ was SICK selfhating walking corpse. I read that Will, he didn't make sure of anything.

These whiteys aren't entitled to anything, but to AGE in dog years.

I concern myself about the well being of the REAL BLACK Jackson family, not those 3 thieving white KKK test tubes.

Anonymous said...

Ok...I'm confused. I know that Katherine and TJ are her legal guardians, but I thought she was with Debbie Rowe at the time of the suicide attempt?

Anonymous said...


No, I need to get another whitey inbred fired at my work. & I'm gonna do it just for you.

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