Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Heidi Klum Gets Into Drunken Fight with Her Boyfriend

Supermodel Heidi Klum got into a drunken argument with her lover at a restaurant in New York.
Heidi Klum and boyfriend Martin Kristen were spotted having the kind of argument that will induce familiar, groggy dread in anyone who ever — drunk and/or indignant — stormed out of a party, wagged a literal finger, or uttered the phrase, “You’re not my dad.” According to "Page Six", Klum and Kristen were out drinking at the Spotted Pig with a third man until, “after an hour of arguing, an upset Klum abruptly walked out of the restaurant alone and stumbled down the block trying unsuccessfully to hail a cab.” (And your heels are a little wobbly, and you can tell the guys at the deli are kind of laughing at you ... ) She later returned to the restaurant but “stubbornly refused to go inside and rejoin Martin at the table," instead standing "in the doorway looking upset.” (Smoking, which you shouldn't, and texting your friends, but it's late for people whose boyfriends aren't total assholes ... ) Kristen, who is Klum’s former bodyguard, eventually went outside to talk to her, leaving alone while Klum went back inside. (Which makes you feel kind of victorious, but also awful, which you explain to him in multiple, lengthy text messages after he leaves ... ) An anonymous friend of Klum's told the Post, “she’d had one drink too many, and they had an argument. All couples have disagreements, but most don’t get recognized when they have them.” Judging from happy paparazzi shots the next day, Klum and Kristen have recovered from the spat. But now we feel a sympathy hangover coming on.
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